• Glimpse 1.0 Ships! – The Glimpse Team proudly announce the release of Glimpse 1.0 Stable – the journey for any open source project to 1.0 is a long one, and the team have worked hard to bring a well rounded product to release. Glipse gives ASP.NET Developers a view inside the server from their browser, giving a Firebug like experience reporting on server side code – many congratulations to Nik, Anthony, all the contributors and the team at Redgate on reaching this milestone
  • Deeptissue.js A Gesture Library For the Modern Web – Chris Love announces the release of Deeptissue.js a JavaScript library for the web which aims to unite the different APIs for dealing with mouse and touch. This is an area I’ve been exploring recently and there are lots of subtle differences between browsers and platforms, so a library like this is a welcome addition.
  • Releasing Sample Browser for Windows 8 – The All-In-One Code Framework team announce the release of an updated Sample Browser application now targeting Windows 8 and available in the Windows 8 Store


  • You’re just another carriage return line feed in the wall – Scott Hanselman discusses the pain of the differences in line ending characters between editors, platforms and personal preferences, and the problems that incorrect settings can give when contributing code to open source projects
  • The Evolution of DevLabs – Somasegar discusses the successes of DevLabs in bringing to life a number of projects which have gone on to greatness in the main frameworks, and highlights the recent changes to migrate DevLabs projects and content over to a subsection of the Visual Studio Gallery
  • Debugging Pain – End to End – ‘Glavs’ walks through the process of debugging some issues in an ASP.NET web application, walking through the initial problem report, the early investigation and investigating further via taking a memory dump.
  • How to Extract a URL’s Title, Description and Images using HTML Agility Utility – Sourabh Sharma gives a short sample of the amazing power of the HTML Agility library – a fantastic tool for working with HTML content when you need to be able to extract information from the content which may or may not be well formed.
  • What can I do to make my Windows 8 WinJS.UI.ListView app as accessible as possible? – Guy Barker, who worked on the Windows Accessibility team, takes a look at the various accessibility features of the WinJS.UI.ListView in this detailed post
  • WPF Threads and Chunking with Rx – Ian Griffiths is mid-series looking at various aspects of asynchronous and multithreading programming in WPF applications, in this part looking at using the Reactive Extensions to control the flow of events and databinding
  • MVP Summit presentation on async – Stephen Toub shares the slides from the ‘async clinic’ session he presented with Lucian Wischik at the MVP summit which discusses some of the areas in whcih developers often struggle with the new functionality.


  • SQLBits XI in May 2013 – many reasons to attend! #sqlbits #dax #tabular – Marco Russo highlights the SQL Bits conference being held in Nottingham this May – a great opportunity to learn more about databases and database development. The conference is spread over a number of days, with training days and conference days, culminating in the Free Community day on the Saturday
  • Stacked 2013 – Free full day Windows Azure conference – Gary Pretty highlights the ‘Stacked 2013’ Windows Azure Event being held on 9th April 2013 here in Liverpool. The event is an all day one, with speakers from Microsoft and the MVP community, its sure to be a good day.