• Trust and NuGet – Phil Haack discusses various options for providing a better level of trust and security when working with NuGet packages, discussing signing of packages, the use of PowerShell and assemblies as an attack vector and plenty more.
  • What is SignalR? – Using SignalR – Patrick D. Fletcher gives an elevator pitch for the use of SignalR and WebSockets (with a passing mention of the other transport mechanisms) whcih may be useful to folk who are looking to justify its use to management.
  • SignalR ebook – campusMVP.Net – Jose M. Aguilar has published a free e-book with CampusMVP.NET which covers the various parts of SignalR (currently against the RC2 release) in its 80 pages. The book requires registration to get the download link.
  • SignalR Protocol – Ran Wahle continues a series of posts looking at SignalR discussing a bit about how the underlying communication protocol works, discussing the various phases of the connection process.
  • How I Over-Engineered the ASP.NET Health Monitoring Feature – Mike Volodarsky looks back on one of the main features he was involved in while working on the ASP.NET / IIS team, discussing the implementation of Health Monitoring, some of the problems it encountered, and some of the lessons he has learned along they way
  • Starting with AngularJS & AngularJS and DOM Manipulation – K. Scott Allen is taking a look at the use of AngularJS for building applications using clientside MVC in JavaScript, taking a look at getting up and running, and at making manipulations of the DOM
  • AngularJS Intellisense in Visual Studio 2012 – Mads Kristensen discusses the lack of AngularJS support in the Visual Studio HTML Editor via Web Essentials due to a lack of a suitable extension point for attributes, however he shares a work around solution which sees an updated HTML Intellisense file with the AngularJS syntax included being used.
  • .NET Framework Documentation Improvements – Brandon Bray discusses the latest round of improvements to the online .NET Framework documentation, with improvements surrounding content relating to performance and method overloads.
  • Videos on Web Publish updates in ASP.NET 2012.2 – Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi shares three video screencasts demonstrating some of the new Web Publish features included in the ASP.NET 2012.2 and Web Tools 2012.2 update
  • Introduction to ASP.NET Web API – Ranjan.D gives an overview of the ASP.NET Web API looking at the key concepts to help get developers unfamiliar with the framework up to speed in this CodeProject Article.
  • Paging with ASP.NET Web API OData – Youssef Moussaoui takes a look at the new features for paging data retrieved from WebAPI as OData, exploring both Client and Server driven paging.


  • Agile Developer – Agile Enough? #fun – Its been a while since we had something in the Humour category in The Morning Brew, and this one amused me this morning – proving that context is everything,