Update: A rogue ‘r’ crept in to the link to John Papa’s HotTowel link which is now fixed – thanks to Paul Manzotti for letting me know via the comments

Update 2: A second attack of rogue ‘r’ syndrome today – the Durandal link should now be working as intended – thanks to Andreas Krohn for letting me know

There would have been a few more links in today’s bumper edition today but it appears that blogs.msdn.com is having some issues (at least from the couple of networks I connect from), so don’t be surprised if some of today’s links are a bit intermittent today as lots of the content linked today is from there.


  • Announcing release of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Update – Scott Guthrie announces the release of the ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Update, a free update to Visual Studio and .NET 4.5 which includes a wealth of new features ranging from Tooling improvements including new language support for syntax highlighting (CoffeeScript, JsRender, Handlebars, Mustache), support for LESS, paste JSON as class, and much more. The release also includes ASP.NET Web API, MCV and WebForms updates, new Single Page Application templates and improved Windows Azure Authentication support, along with the much awaited SignalR 1.0 release.
  • Announcing the ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Release! – Jon Galloway shares in the announcement discussing some of the new features, and sharing a 25 minute video which runs through lots of the new features.
  • Released: ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 in Context – Scott Hanselman also discusses the ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 release, focusing in on a couple of the most interesting features.
  • Web Tools 2012.2 and Web Essentials – Mads Kristensen also discusses the release, and how a number of the features started life as features of the Web Essentials extension and have been migrated into being core features, along with a helpful hint if you encounter problems with having both installed.
  • Portable HttpClient for .NET Framework and Windows Phone – Alok Shriram of the .NET Framework team discusses their new beta release of a portable HttpClient implementation which allows it to run on .NET 4.5, Windows Phone 7.5+ and Portable Class libraries
  • WCF Data Services 5.3.0 RTW – The WCF Data Services team announce the release of the WCF Data Services 5.3.0 RTW, this is the official stable release of this version which brings three substantial new features as well as bugfixes and improvements.
  • Introducing Durandal – Rob Eisenberg announces the release of Durandal, a JavaScript library which aims to support rich client development, building on top of well know libraries like jQuery, Knockout, RequireJS and supporting the MV* archectural patterns
  • Manage IIS from the browser – Jonas Hovgaard announces the launch of Servant for IIS, currently in a freely available form, with commercial editions to follow. Servant for IIS provides a way of managing a wide range of aspects of an IIS instance directly from a web browser – neat stuff.


  • Four new single page application templates – Gunnar Peipman discusses the four brand new single page application templates included in the ASP.NET Web Tools 2012.2 update
  • ASP.NET SPA Templates Released – & Hot Towel SPA – Visual Studio Project Template – John Papa also takes a look at the range of new templates for single page application, as well as taking a more in-depth look at Hot Towel, the SPA Framework and template that he created
  • Static constructors, part four – Eric Lippert wraps up his series looking at the art and science of Static Constructor with a look at one particular potential use of Static Constructors whcih is commonly seen but not necessarily a good idea, sharing some best practices suggestions for the use of static constructors at the end of the post
  • Optimize your delegate usage – Filip Ekberg takes a look under the covers at the use of delegates in the .NET Framework comparing how different syntaxes generate significantly different code, which have very different memory and object use profiles.
  • SignalR, ActionFilters and ASP.NET Web API – Filip W takes a look at the integration of ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET SignalR, looking at using Action Filters to provide the integration between the WebAPI code and SignalR avoiding having any SignalR related code in Controllers.
  • Pre-release of ASP.NET Scaffolding with a Web Forms scaffold generator – Anton Babadjanov announces the availability of a new pre-release of the ASP.NET Scaffolding code generation framework which allows the construction of CRUD screens in ASP.NET Web Forms based upon model classes.