• Embracing Semantic Logging – Grigori Melnik discusses and announces the availability of the Semantic Logging Application Block in CTP release form from the Patterns and Practices team. This project aims to provide functionality to allow you to create a goid logging strategy in your applications
  • On Windsor 3.2 release – Krzysztof Ko?mic announces the release of Windsor 3.2, available as NuGet packages and as source and binary from SourceForge. Significantly this release is the last to support .NET 3.5 and Silverlight, and a number of other components are being considered for retirement after this release.
  • Small Basic Extension – Extended Small Basic Library (ESL) 0.4.1a – Ed Price highlights the Extended Small Basic Library from Liam McSherry, a library which adds and complements standard Small Basic functionality. Looking at the features added in the last couple of point releases there is lots of good stuff in there if you are dabbling with Small Basic.


  • The Composition Kata – K. Scott Allen highlights some recent additions to his Code Kata library hosted on GitHub, and introduces the Composition Kata, a new exercise which is also part of the library.
  • Decompiling .NET Applications – Filip Ekberg discusses the process of Decompilation of .NET Applications looking at the pros and cons of the various .NET Decompilers available (.NET Reflector, dotPeek, ILSpy, and JustDecompile)
  • HTML5 Quick Start Web Application – Sandeep Mewara takes a look at the various features of HTML 5 in this nice introduction to the topic which includes plenty of examples across the range of features that make up the HTML5 superset.
  • NHibernate Pitfalls: Identity Identifiers, Schema Auto Action & Manually Assigned Identifiers – Ricardo Peres shares three more instalments of his NHibernate Pitfalls series looking at common mistakes and confusion when working with this ORM library. These posts discuss the assignment of Identifiers to records, both manually and automatically, and looks at features to support database schema owners.
  • Being Stolen From Sucks – Nick Berardi discusses the darker side of releasing your code as open source. While I don’t want to get into the specifics of this particular instance the tale serves as a good reminder to always consider the licensing of software and code, as well as to act responsibly when using code from other sources.
  • Talk: The New Async Design Patterns & Talk: Async Part 2 – for architects, under the hood – Lucian Wischik shares two talks on async design patterns, and how async works, providing slides, script and sourcecode for each
  • Desperately Seeking Contributions – Jezz Santos appeals to the community for new contributors to the NuPattern project, a project which adds extensions to Visual Studio making it easier to build Pattern Toolkits for Visual Studio. The skills particularly in demand are the creation of walk though screencasts illustrating what the tooling brings to the table.