• Announcing Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2) – Brian Harry announces the release of the first CTP of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2) the next update to Visual Studio, which includes a bunch of new and improved features including the re-introduction of Blend, Code Map and Debugger integrations, command line Windows Phone build and deploy, new and improved testing support and much more
  • Git init VS – Brian Harry also announces the news that both Visual Studio and TFS will have Git support from the VS2012.2 update and onwards, and that git repository support is already in the hosted Team Foundation Service.
  • Getting Started with Git in Visual Studio and Team Foundation Service – Matthew Mitrik, Andy Lewis, and Martin Woodward give the lowdown on git as a version control system for Team Foundation Service walking through the setup and use of the new Git functionality both in TFS and Visual Studio
  • Improving the Modern Application Lifecycle – Somasegar shares in the excitement of the VS2012.2 update and TFS Git support, sharing his strategic outlook on the new support.
  • Git support for Visual Studio – Git, TFS, and VS put into Context – Scott Hanselman shares his perspective on the Git support within TFS and Visual Studio, discussing how Microsoft employees have been contributing towards open source projects which work with Git in order to bring the support to Developers.
  • Using Visual Studio Git with CodePlex – Mark Groves takes a look at using the VS2012.2 Git support to work with CodePlex hosted Git Repositories
  • EF Power Tools Beta 3 Available – Glenn Condron announces the release of the 3rd beta release of the Entity Framework Power Tools, a Visual Studio extension which brings a number of bits of enhanced IDE functionality to make working with Entity Framework easier


  • Emulating Actors in C# with Async/Await – Craig Gidney takes a look at at how the C# async/await functionality allows you to implement functionality in a way similar to the Actor Model for concurrent and distributed programming, looking at how the C# functionality allows for concise code to implement this
  • Still not convinced about coffeescript? – Kailuo Wang takes a look at a motivational argument for using languages like CoffeeScript to create JavaScript code, showing how much more concise and readable the code can be in CoffeeScript vs the underlying JavaScript implementation.
  • Twelve F# Type Providers, in pictures – Don Syme highlights a series of images (backed with more detailed write ups) which show the various F# Type Provider Implementations in action
  • GIS Succinctly – Friend of the Brew Peter ‘Shawty’ Shaw has had his first e-book published by Syncfusion, and its available for free (along with a great series of books on a variety of topics) – this book looks at GIS, and its implementation in .NET and SQL Server.