• Autofac 3.0 Released – Travis Illig announces the release of AutoFac 3.0, which brings integrations with ASP.NET MVC4, ASP.NET Web API and SignalR, platform support for the whole .NET stack, including Silverlight 5, WP8 and Store apps, and all parts of the library are available via NuGet, and debug symbols are available on SymbolSource
  • Umbraco 6.0.0 released – Sebastiaan Janssen makes the announcement that the Umbraco team have shipped the RTM release of version 6.0, following an intense 10 day test/fix period with over 1000 testers taking part in the beta and RC
  • WCF Data Services 5.3.0-rc1 Prerelease – The WCF Data Services Team announce their release candidate 1 release of WCF Data Services 5.3, available as both NuGet packages and a tools installer this release adds a few more features, along with fixing reported bugs.


  • The no-lock deadlock – Eric Lippert discusses thread safety, looking at how using only methods which seem to be ‘thread safe’ in a program can still make something which is no thread safe
  • Cross Browser Debugging integrated into Visual Studio with BrowserStack – Scott Hanselman discusses another new feature of the Visual Studio 2012.2 update currently available as a CTP release which allows the extension of the browser testing capabilities, highlighting the partnership with BrowserStack to bring free use of the service to Visual Studio users, and also highlights a new site for browser testing, ‘’
  • Find quick fixes for your website with – Susan Ibach discusses in more detail, discussing its testing/scanning capabilities for identifying issues with your sites.
  • A quick look at Git support in Visual Studio 2012 – Jon Galloway discusses the new git integration within Visual Studio 2012, comparing it to integrations he has previously used for working with git repositories, and showing how it all works.
  • Move a TFService source control to TF Service Git based Team Project – Ricci Gian Maria discusses the process of moving from a Team Foundation Service source control repository to a Team Foundation Service Git based project.
  • Windows Phone Unit Tests in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 – Vinay Krishna discusses the new testing features for Windows Phone applications introduced in the Visual Studio 2012.2 update, showing the creation and use of unit tests against WP applications.
  • Post-mature optimization – Mark Rendle discusses performance optimisation, kicked off from receiving a pull request from Mattias Nordberg which helped improve the performance (in terms of request throughput) of Simple.Web
  • Nancy.Testing – test-dialogues with Requests and Response – Marcus Hammarberg continues his series looking at the testing capabilities of the Nancy Web Framework, looking at testing with requests and responses