• Arrow function expressions in TypeScript – Piotr Walat discusses a TypeScript language feature ‘Arrow Functions’ which is likely to make it into the next official version of JavaScript, looking at what they are and how you can use them
  • More on Symbol Improvements in VS2012 Update 1 – Dmitri Leonov highlights some of the improvements made to the loading and working with debug symbols in the Visual Studio Debugger, released as a part of the Update 1 release for VS2012.
  • Windows 8 LOB deployment ‘story’ – Rockford Lhotka continues discussion of the ways in which you can deploy Line of Business applications written on the WinRT platform (i.e Metro / Windows Store apps, but for a small/closed userbase), evaluating the possibilities for different types of organisation.
  • 34 Cool Videos on Windows Store App Development – Usman Ur Rehman Ahmed highlights at 34 part video series by Bob Tabor looking at the design, build and selling of Windows Store applications. Video lengths range from 30+ minutes down to about 10 minutes, so plenty of content there.
  • Portable MVVM Light – Move Your View Models & Portable MVVM Light – Move Your View Models : Part 2 – Shayne Boyer takes a look at the Portable Class Library support in .NET and Visual Studio, looking at applying it to a MVVM Light based application allowing for re-use of code between different editions on different platforms of the same application
  • Big Data – Martin Fowler shares another slide deck discussing the concepts, theories and practices behind the idea o ‘Big Data’
  • A step by step guide to building a Twilio voice app with Web API – Mike.Larah explores the consumption of Twilio’s voice services using a ASP.NET Web API back end to power the integration


  • NxtGenUG – Event: Windows Azure – Andy Cross and Richard Conway are visiting the Coventry branch of the NxtGenUG fir a session on deploying and working with deployed Windows Azure services and websites on the evening of Monday 11th February 2013