• Walkthrough: Interfaces – Ryan Cavanaugh, of the TypeScript team walks through the use of Interfaces in TypeScript code, discussing the intended usage, the basics of interfaces in TypeScript, and explores their use in a sample.
  • ASP.NET Web Forms Extensibility: Tag Mapping – Ricardo Peres follows on from his previous post with a few more details about Tag Mapping in ASP.NET Web Forms.
  • Understand the Favicon – Jonathan T. Neal discusses the myriad of complexities of the (seemingly) simple favicon – lots of good information here about the capabilities and support in different browsers, along with some techniques to help make it work the way you would want.
  • Azure Tip: My Management Certificate Is Public What Do I Do? – Nick Berardi discusses the danger of exposing your Azure Management Certificate in source control (or anywhere for that matter) and looks at how you can remove exposed certificates and create new ones .
  • Five-dollar words for programmers: elision – Eric Lippert discusses the borrowing words and attaching meaning to them in computing, discussing the use of the word elision / elide in compilers to mean parts of syntax that are not required
  • Unexplained Azure Table Storage transaction limitations – Tomas Roos discusses some problems he (and I believe others as well) have encountered with performance of insertions into Azure table storage – perhaps you know something about it and may be able to help?
  • Node.js 101 : Part #4 – Basic Deployment and Hosting with Azure, Heroku, and AppHarbor – Robin Osborne is mid series looking at the basics of Node.js development, and in part 4 of the series looks at the deployment and debugging of applications on the three popular hosting providers, Azure, AppHarbor and Heroku
  • F# Code: Rx Live Morse Code Translation – Edmondo Pentangelo shares some code which uses F# and the Reactive Extensions to decode a stream of morse code – a nice sample illustrating two interesting technologies
  • Integrating Mozilla Persona with ASP.NET – Scott Hanselman takes a look at the Mozilla Persona functionality, and shares a prototype implementation of wiring it into the ASP.NET Membership system