• Windows Azure Store: New add-ons and expanded availability – Scott Guthrie discusses the Windows Azure Store functionality, and highlights some of the new services you can add to your Azure account via the store. The Store is now available in 11 countries, with more planned over the next few weeks.
  • Agent Mulder – supporting IoC in ReSharper – Dmitri Nesteruk highlights the Agent Mulder plugin for ReSharper, created by Igal Tabachnik, highlighting how ti adds a features for people using Inversion of Control Containers (supporting many of the common ones) – neat stuff
  • Create an off-line Installer for the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK – Michael Crump discusses how you can create an offline installer for the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK from the installer (and quite a bit of data transfer – it weighs in at over 5GB) – a useful trick


  • Async Lambdas – Phil Haack shares a look at how Async lambdas work, exploring their use in tests (in xunit in this case, but the principles apply elsewhere), sharing a useful custom assert to make testing with them easier.
  • Avoid, find, and fix ASP.NET performance problems – The team over at Redgate have compiled a short e-book containing 50 excellent tips on ASP.NET performance from experts across the world (many of which will be familiar names to Morning Brew readers) – well worth checking out
  • Nancy.Testing – a closer look through her testability – Marcus Hammarberg kicks off a series looking at the testing capabilities of the Nancy web framework, exploring in this first part how the architecture of the Nancy framework allows for strong testing capabilities throughout the framework.
  • Service Bus Notification Hubs – Concepts and Code Walkthrough – Windows 8 Edition – Clemens Vasters shares a 30 minute walkthrough video looking at the use of the new notification hub functionality of the Azure Service Bus, looking at its us in providing notification into a Windows 8 Store application.
  • Getting more visibility for your Windows Store app Part 1: Create great apps – Pete Brown kicks off a series of posts looking at getting exposure for you Windows Store applications, in this first part exploring a vast variety of things you should do to build a ‘great’ application
  • ASP.NET Image Control With Fallback URL – Ricardo Peres takes a look at building an extended Image control for ASP.NET which supports a fall-back image for display if the original image is not available. Where it gets interesting is his demonstration of one of the unsung heros of ASP.NET webforms, Tag Mappings which allow you to easily swap out standard controls with your own control across the whole application.
  • How to use the Inclinometer sensor in Windows 8 C#/XAML applications – Derik Whittaker is mid-series looking at the consumption of data from the various Windows8 supported sensors from C#/XAML based applications, in this post he looks at the use of the Inclinometer, having previously explored the light sensor and gyrometer
  • On the Dark Side of "Craftsmanship" – Ted Neward discusses the dangers in segregation of developers under the guise of ‘software craftsmanship’ – topical and well worth a read