• ASP.NET MVC, Data Access, and Deployment Content Maps Published – Tom Dykstra announces the publication of the latest batch of ASP.NET Documentation Content Maps, one of the easiest ways to explore and discover documentation content, tutorials, videos, etc on all aspects of ASP.NET
  • Visual Studio Achievements for Windows Store apps – Michael Alberts announces the latest edition of the Visual Studio Achievements extension which adds a further 19 achievements (or ‘Cheevos’ as I believe they are known in some quarters <g>) which focus on Windows Store applications.


  • Nancy.Testing – configure her boot…strapper – Marcus Hammarberg continues his series looking at the testability capabilities of the Nancy Web Framework, discussing the use of the bootstrapper to configure your application, and exploring how you can swap out components easily for testing purposes.
  • Stronger Backbone – Part 1 & Part 2 – Derek Hammer starts what looks to be a 6 part series of short posts illustrating key concepts in building better Backbone JavaScript applications, with the first two parts looking at the use of the ‘one container’ form/pattern and pass-through views
  • My experiences with Knockout – Gunnar Peipman shares his first impressions of the Knockout JavaScript MVVM framework, sharing some sample code to introduce they key concepts
  • Five things you can do to make HTML5 perform better – Christian Heilmann shares performance tips to help your HTML 5 games and applications run better on lesser hardware
  • An Introduction to Source Maps – Sayanee Basu takes a look at the use of Source Maps to help get better debugging and errors in Minified JavaScript code, and also looks at how they really help when working with languages like CoffeeScript and TypeScript which compile into JavaScript.
  • Beware Singletons that Raise Events – Jesse Taber discusses the dangers in terms of memory leaks due to not detaching/unsubscribing event handlers, and how singletons make it much easier to leak memory in such a way.
  • Moq with F# 3 – Phil Trelford takes a look at how you can now use libraries like Moq from F# due to the LINQ expression support added in F#3, showing some examples of it in use
  • Testing and mocking your C# code with F# – Mathias Brandewinder is also discussing Testing and Mocking in F# rather then C#, looking at some of the motivation for making a language switch for writing tests, illustrating with an example
  • My Opinions on Data Setup for Functional Tests – Jeremy D Miller discusses the role of data in Functional Tests, exploring some of his best practices for setting up data in functional tests
  • More on "Craftsmanship" – Ted Neward’s post on software Craftsmanship last week has garnered a lot of discussion in the development community, and in this post Ted furthers the discussion with summary and response to the many comments received – yet more interesting reading.
  • Windows 8: Making a Simple Photo Viewer in C# and XAML – Mike Taulty shares another epic blog post with plenty of code working through the building of a Windows 8 Store Application for viewing photos they way he wants it to work