• Announcing Release of Windows Azure Media Services & Broadcast push notifications to millions of mobile devices using Windows Azure Notification Hubs – Scott Guthrie and the Windows Azure team announce thier latest service updates, including the general availability of the Windows Azure Media Services providing a huge range of options for the Uploading, Encoding, Delivery, and consumption of video. Scott also announce another new piece of functionality, Notification Hubs, which provides an easy way to route push notifications to large userbases across a number of different platforms.
  • Now Available: Windows Phone SDK Update for 7.8 – Cliff Simpkins announces the release of the Windows Phone SDK Update for 7.8, allowing you to develop applications for the latest release of the Windows Phone 7 platform, including the new live tile capabilities.
  • Hello mathy – Aaron Powell shares his Mathy library a mathematical formula parser implemented in TypeScript (which will of course compile down to JavaScript)
  • Try F# 3.0 Launched Today! – Visual F# Team Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – The Visual Studio FSharp Team announce the launch of TryF# 3.0, a web based F# experience which allows you to run F# directly from your browser, providing the easiest way to experiment with the F# language. The V3 includes full F# 3.0 support, along with an improved user interface and support for graphs and charts and social code sharing
  • Announcing: Literate programming tools for F# – Tomáš Pet?í?ek shares a markdown parser, and F# code formatter, which combine into a literate programming tool for F# which will produce documentation from Markdown content, with well formatted F# language samples.