• Announcing TypeScript 0.8.2 – Jonathan Turner announces the 0.8.2 Preview Release of TypeScript. This release includes highly rated features and bug fixes, along with focusing on improving the tooling and usability for the language, including JDoc support and compile on save functionality.
  • Umbraco 6 RC is here – The Umbraco team announce the release of Umbraco 6 Release Candidate, following on from the feedback received on the beta release, a good chance to get ahead of the curve and try out the new release just before its officially released – and as usual with RC release, the team want your feedback on any problems which might need fixing before the final release.


  • Nullable micro-optimization, part eight – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at compiler optimisations possible in C# when dealing with nullable types, discussing in detail the answer to his poser from the last part, refreshing us on how C# processes operands, working through the example, and discussing how this optimisation made it into Roslyn.
  • Naming Roslyn concepts – Kirill Osenkov and the Roslyn team seek developer feedback regarding the naming of of an important central component of the Roslyn framework, describing the feature and functionality, and soliciting feedback of suitable names they could use for it.
  • TypeScript Modules – Part 4 – John Papa continues his series looking at the TypeScript language in this part discussing the structuring of code using modules, looking at defining, importing and working with both your own modules and externally defined modules.
  • ASP.NET Web Forms Extensibility: Modules – Ricardo Peres looks at a different sort of module, exploring the use of HttpModules in ASP.NET Web Forms and the extensibility that they provide to the ASP.NET framework
  • Hosting an Express Node.js website on Azure – Ahmed Sabbour walks through the process of publishing a Node.js based application to the Azure Websites functionality using the Git publishing, working step by step with plenty of screen-shots
  • Testing async Methods in C# 5 – Bill Wagner discusses some of the complications in testing using testing frameworks like MSTest and XUnit when your tests contain use of async and await, looking at how you can work around these potential issues.
  • You Are Not Paid To Write Software – Derick Bailey discusses his frustration with hearing people make statements like ‘I’m paid to write software, not tests’