• Caliburn.Micro v1.4.1 Released – Rob Eisenberg announces the release of Caliburn Micro 1.4.1, a release mostly due to the work of Thomas Ibel & Nigel Sampson. The release is available via NuGet and now includes support for WCF 4.5, the latest WUI Library and addresses almost every reported issue from previous versions.
  • Proposed StructureMap 2.7 Release – Jeremy D Miller requests community comments on plans for a 2.7 release of Structure Map, including a number os significant changes outlined in the post
  • ASP.Net Web Config Transform Console Utility released on nuget – Eric Hexter announces the release of a simple utility which wraps the recently released Web Config Transformation library from the ASP.NET team, allowing its use directly from the command line, very useful in deployment scripts and the like.
  • Introducing SvcPerf – An End-to-End trace Analysis tool for WCF – Sajay Antony introduces SvcPerf, a tool which builds on the decision to use Event Tracing for Windows for diagnostics output in WCF, discussing the pro and cons of ETW, and highlighting the capabilities of this new tooling.