• jjQuery 1.9 final, jQuery 2.0 beta, Migrate final released – Dave Methvin announces the final release of jQuery 1.9, along with the release of the first beta of the next generation of jQuery in the form of jQuery 2.0 beta, along with the release of the Migrate plugin which helps with the transition of existing code to running against the reduced API of the new releases.
  • Announcing the jQuery Plugin Registry – Adam J. Sontag announces the launch of the new jQuery Plugins Registry Site, aiming to provide a centralised registry of all things jQuery, making it easy for developers to get plugins, and plugin authors to publicise their work


  • Nullable micro-optimizations, part seven – Eric Lippert continues his fabulous adventures exploring the optimisations that the C# compiler makes use of regarding nullable types, and in this part sets some questions regarding the possible optimisations for binary operators, leaving us hanging until next time for the answers
  • How to express common windowing patterns using Rx – Rafael.F discusses the expression of windowing patterns which take a continuous stream and group them into time based windows, looking at how the theory behind the Reactive Extensions works.
  • I’m using dynamic and unexpectedly lost intellisense! & What does async & await generate? – Filip Ekberg discusses the implementation of dynamic types as parameters, looking down at the IL to see how things actually work when dealing with dynamic types, and explores the under the hood code which the compiler generates when working with async/await
  • MEF 2.0 – mini series: part 6 (Composition scoping and lifetime management) – Bnaya Eshet presses on with his series looking at the various features of the Managed Extensibility Framework, exploring its facilities for scoping and lifecycle management of the registered objects, looking at the improvements made in MEF 2
  • Design patterns in the test of time: Interpreter – Ayende continues his series revisiting the classic design patterns from the original Gang of Four design patterns book, discussing how our experiences over the years have shaped the use and relevance of the patterns in modern development.
  • Introducing the Patterns in Practice Column – Michael Desmond highlights a new web column for MSDN Magazine from Peter Vogel. The new column takes a look at the application of design patterns to common programming problems, and kicks off by looking at how patterns offer a solution to adding functionality to an existing object.
  • Dead Simple HTML Sanitizer – Tawani Anyangwe shares a useful simple library which processes HTML and sanitizes it for your purposes, removing elements and attributes which represent danger should your system echo them back to users.