• The problem with website security is us! – Troy Hunt discusses the root cause of website security issues – the developers who put them in place, exploring some of the nasty / bad implementations he has found, and discussing the dangers of sharing and perpetuating bad information
  • Using SignalR with .Net client – Ran Wahle takes a look at the process of connecting to and working with SignalR Hubs from a .NET Client application. One of the great strengths of SignalR is the range of clients implementations available, and most of the examples you see only ever use the JavaScript client, so its nice to see one of the others getting an airing.
  • Magical Web API action selector – HTTP-verb and action name dispatching in a single controller – Filip W shares and discusses an implementation of a custom WebAPI Action Selector which allows a mix of styles of dispatching in the same controller, making it easier to support a common nested URI Structure.
  • Handing MVC paths with dots in the path – Scott Forsyth discusses resolving a problem with MVC route paths which contain dots, discussing why IIS gets them confused with files and doesn’t pass them through to MVC, and sharing a couple of solutions to the problem.
  • Simple way to bind an Enum to a DropDownList in MVC – Nick Harrison walks through an implementation which allows you to easily bind properties which have enum values to drop down lists in ASP.NET MVC , demonstrating some of the useful extensibility features of the platform.
  • Starting Windows Phone Development: Lesson 3 of n – Navigation between Pages and passing Parameters – Bandar Alsharfi is mid-series on a series looking at Windows Phone Development. This post takes a look at passing information between pages in your applications, showing the use of Query String parameters between XAML pages.