• One step closer to full support for Redis on Windows, MS Open Tech releases 64-bit and Azure installer – Claudio Caldato gives an update on the interoperability blog about the progress being made on improving the support for Redis on Windows, highlighting the recent release of a 64bit version available from the Microsoft Open Technologies GitHub repository, discussing Azure support and looking at the next steps for the project.
  • SignalR Release Notes (1.0 RC2) – David Fowler shares the Release Notes for the Second release candidate of SignalR 1.0, highlighting the significant commits, breaking changes bugs fixed and new features added in the latest pre-release version.
  • Don’t Hot-fix IE6-8, Upgrade to IE9-10 Instead – Elijah Manor shares some salient advice regarding the recent critical security patch for IE6,7 and 8 – rather than patch and if you are able to, upgrade to the latest IE version available to you for a whole host of benefits (not least security)


  • Working on 0.8.2 – TypeScript – Jonathan Turner gives an update on progress on TypeScript, giving an insight in the development process behing the future 0.8.2 release, along with discussing some of the key changes and features planned
  • The ASP.NET developer checklist – Mads Kristensen follows on from the success of the general Web Developer Checklist with a new checklist specifically aimed at ASP.NET Developers, including all those key things to check and think about when building sites and applications using that framework.
  • The State of jQuery 2013 – Dave Methvin gives a ‘state of the union’ of the world of jQuery and the jQuery Foundation, highlighting key forthcoming releases, along with reiterating the jQuery mission and objectives.
  • Nullable micro-optimizations, part six – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at micro-optimization of work with nullable types, and in this part discusses premature optimization which could occur when the C# compiler attempts to optimise nullables by addressing branches in lifted operators.
  • Modularization in TypeScript – Brett Jones continues this series of posts looking at TypeScript exploring the concept of modularization, first looking at how this is achieved in JAvaScript before moving on to explore TypeScript specific implementations.
  • Want to ILMerge but you’re building a WPF app? Resource them baby! – Greg Duncan higlights a post from Vladimir Enchev over on the Telerik Blogs which discusses how you can ILMerge assemblies when your assemblies contain XAML. Greg adds to this by sharing his recent experiences using ILMerge.
  • The Magic of the jQuery Source Map – Elijah Manor discusses the new support for Source Maps included in jQuery 1.9, discussing what source maps are, and how you can get and use them for jQuery 1.9