Update: Looks like a couple of todays links got hit by the ‘rouge rogue r’ in the URL bug – actually its down to me manually removing the Google Reader added analytics referal, and ocasionally missing the last ‘r’ of reader. The Umbraco and Should Assertion Library links should now be working correctly – thanks to those who let me know


  • FubuMVC Turns 1.0 – Jeremy Miller announces the 1.0 release of the main FubuMVC libraries (FubuMVC.Core, FubuMVC.StructureMap, FubuMVC.AutoFac, FubuMVC.Core.UI, and the view engines)available now as a v1.0 on NuGet. This is a major milestone for the project, and marks a level of comfort with the internal architecture of the project.
  • Meet the future of Umbraco: v6 beta – The Umbraco team give a sneak peek at the things to expect from their next major release, Umbraco v6, including new features and some breaking changes. The v6 product is now in beta and available for download to try out.
  • The power behind PowerShell, "Wndows PowerShell Language Specification Version 3.0" – Greg Duncan highlights the availability of the PowerShell Language Specification v3 which includes all the details of the programmability of PowerShell, in a 334 page document.


  • Cooperatively pausing async methods – Stephen Toub takes a look at the pausing of async methods, looking at implementing a PauseToken which can e giving to methods to allow them to be signalled to pause, and looks at the implementation and use of this and the related types.
  • Are your unit tests still hard to read ? – Should Assertion Library – Eric Hexter shares the Should Assertion Library, and a set of resources to detail its use in providing simpler more readable assertion methods for your tests by way of extension methods available on all types.
  • Easy ASP.NET Web API resource updates with Delta<T> – Filip W takes a look at the Delta<T> dynamic proxy class included in the Microsoft ASP.NET WebAPI OData pre-release package, looking at how it provides an easy way of mapping between data and view models, and exploring how you can use it in more general contexts.
  • ASP.NET MVC 4: What else? – Dino Esposito takes a look at the value of templates in your ASP.NET MVC web development, discussing what is available and how it can help you be more productive, and explores thoughts on how templates can be made even better and more interactive.
  • What’s Hot in the World of JavaScript and SPAs? – Dan Wahlin takes a look at the range of and features of various data and script libraries used in Single Page Applications
  • MEF 2.0 – mini series: part 4 (Fluent Import) – Bnaya Eshet continues his exploration of Version 2.0 of the Managed Extensibility Framework with a look a the Fluent Import API
  • .NET: String Constants vs Static Readonly Fields – Ivan Krivyakov takes a look at the difference in meaning between a static readonly string and a const string.
  • The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video – Scott Hanselman shares a 25 minute getting started with Windows8 video he created which may be of great use to anyone with non-tech family and friends making the jump to Windows 8