• XDT (web.config) transform engine released on NuGet – Sayed-Ibrahim-Hashimi announces the release of the XDT Web.config Transform Engine available on NuGet and licensed to allow you to redistribute it in your own products.
  • jQuery 1.9 RC1 and Migrate RC1 Released – The jQuery Team announce the release of the Release Candidate 1 release of jQuery 1.9, along with the release candidate of the jQuery Migrate plugin which helps with transitioning to 1.9 with its newly removed depreciated features.
  • jQuery UI 1.10 Release Candidate (RC1) – Not to be left out, the jQuery UI team also announce the release candidate of their 1.10 release. The Release Candidate addresses some issues reported in the beta, but other than that is fundamentally the same with no new features added.
  • Umbraco 4.11.2 Released – The Umbraco Team announce the release of Version 4.11.2 of Umbraco available now on CodePlex. The release is an easy upgrade to existing 4.10 and 4.11 users and addresses a variety of issues along with bringing some features in from the future V6 version.


  • Nullable micro-optimization, part five – Eric Lippert continues his series of posts looking at the optimisations that the C# Compiler is able to do when working with Nullable Types, looking at how the compiler can distribute the lifted operators as they are represented as a conditional expression.
  • Hidden Pitfalls With Object Initializers – Phil Haack discusses the use of Visual Studio Code Analysis (FxCop) in helping you to write the best code possible, reminding you of all the strange and wonderful things that can catch you out, before moving on to look specifically at some interesting behaviour of Object Initializers.
  • Automating the cloud with Windows Azure Command Line Tools – Glenn Block gives pointers to a number of great resources for working with Windows Azure from the command line in a number of different environments (bash, PowerShell, Visual Studio, Cloud 9, etc)
  • p & p Data Access Guidance Survey is live! – Andrew Oakley announces a survey from the Patterns and Practices Team which will go towards shaping their new Database and Data Access Guidance Project. Get your feedback in to help shape what goes into the guidance.
  • Using database in Windows Store apps (I) – Aaron Xue discusses a variety of techniques for attaching to data storage in databases in Windows 8 Store Applications in this new series exploring SQLite, Extensible Storage Engine (ESE), WCF, and remote database access.
  • Using the VM Depot – Larry Franks shares is findings working with Virtual Machines from the VM Depot on Windows Azure, walking through the process of getting them up and running.
  • Looking into the ASP.Net Web API – part 1 – Nikolaos Kantzelis kicks off another series of posts this time looking at the ASP.NET Web API, creating a simple application which illustrates its use in creating services.
  • D3 crash course – Espen Harlinn takes a look at the interesting and powerful D3 (Data Driven Documents) JavaScript library for creating impressive visualisations of data, giving a nice overview of some of its capabilities
  • Associating Windows Store Apps with Websites – Christian Nagel discusses how you can associate a Windows Store Application with your website, and showing how Internet Explorer provides the connection between the web page, store and application.
  • 50! As in 50 "store ready" Windows 8 application templates (in both C#/XAML & HTML/JS)….(and free!) – Greg Duncan highligjhts 50 Windows Store application Templates, which are nicely designed and ‘Windows Store Ready’ giving you a great headstart in getting your own application underway.


  • No DDD South West In 2013 – Guy Smith-Ferrier announces the sad news that there will be no DDD South West in 2013. DDD South West has been a great conference, and the one at which I started my conference speaking. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Guy, Rob, Rachel, Martyn, Chris and Ross for all their hard work and effort arraigning a series of great events. I look forward to a possible return of DDD South West in future years.