This year’s ‘Year in Review’ post is a little later than usual, and will probably be a bit shorter too – but hopefully will have all the fun facts you’ve come to expect (and maybe even enjoy?).

This year saw The Morning Brew pass the ‘10000000000’ posts mark (1024 in binary), probably the last significant milestone we’ll see for a long time. In actuality post 1024 wasn’t as grand as was hoped, and to this date I still haven’t got round to completing the Morning Brew website 2.0 – maybe that will happen this year.

This year for me was a fun one – for the first time this year I got out there and delivered a number of Conference and Usergroup sessions on SignalR and Web Sockets. I think in total I probably spoke to a combined audience of about 350 people across a number of the DDD conferences and a couple of Usergroups. A great experience, and something I hope to do more of this year (probably with a new session or two). I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who attended my sessions for both their attendance and also the (on the whole) good and useful feedback they gave on the sessions.

Ok, enough waffle from me – time for some stats:

Website and Feed traffic

2012 was another year of pretty constant growth, with RSS subscriber numbers rising from ~8000 at the beginning of 2012 to just over 9000 at the end – maybe by this time next year I’ll hit the magic number or 10000 subscribers!

Daily website visitors also increased slightly over the year with about 1500 now visiting on weekdays. Once again the visitor loyalty numbers on the site are great – an amazing 85% of visits are from people who have visited before, and clear trends in visitors returning every day.

The Content

This year The Morning Brew has included over 3000 links across the 250+ posts this year. This years top contributors are:

This Years top contributors are:

In Conclusion

I’d like to again thank all the authors mentioned above, and also to the 750+ other blog authors who’s posts have appeared in The Morning Brew during 2012 – as always without you this blog would be nothing. I’d also like to thank all you readers out there too – its because of you and your nice comments and emails that I continue to put these posts together each day.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2013 – have fun everyone.