As websites all over the internet go dark to protest SOPA, I arrive at the 1024th edition of the Morning Brew. I had planned this to be a big celebration, but due to a variety of factors I haven’t had the time to do anything grand, and due to bad road traffic today’s edition is even shorter than usual 🙁


  • Gate 0.2.1 implementation of OWIN online at NuGet – Louis DeJardin announces the 0.2.1 release of the Gate implementation of OWIN (the Open Web Interface for .NET). Gate is a reference implementation of the standard for connecting web servers and web applications, and is available as a NuGet Package
  • SisoDb v9.0 Released – Daniel Wertheim announces the V9 release of SISODB, a free and open source document oriented provider for SQL Server and SQL CE 4 Databases. This release includes compatibility with SQL 2012 Express RC0, a new indexing structure in the database and some initial work to support future plans for providers which do not support transactions.


  • January 17th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio – Jason Zander gives an update on the last few months from the point of view of the Visual Studio team, giving a nice recap of the significant events and releases over the past few months including the Roslyn CTP, Azure SDK, TFS on Azure, TFS Power Tools and the ALM Summit.
  • Modern Web Development – Part 1 – Shawn Wildermuth kicks off a new series looking at the evolved state of Web Development and sharing some of the experiences he has had building FirstInked. This first part focuses on the changes in the art of web development in the past 10 years.
  • 10 Things ASP.NET Developers Should Know About Web.config Inheritance and Overrides – Jon Galloway shares 10 key tips to understanding the way in which web config values are inherited and set in a variety of different (yet common) situations. Essential reading for anyone doing any web development beyond the most basic ASP.NET sites.
  • Utilising MEF to self-register HTTP modules – Tom Pipe discusses how he used the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) to register HTTP Modules in his application without configuration in web.config, using attributes on the type to locate the modules and have them loaded using the DynamicModuleUtility.RegisterModule() method to register them with ASP.NET.
  • Restful WCF / EF POCO / UnitOfWork / Repository / MEF : 1 of 2 – Sacha Barber kicks off a new two part post series looking at constructing a RESTful service layer using best practices and the Microsoft technologies WCF, Entity Framework, MEF and the repository pattern. This post focus on all the key technology and implementation with a forthcoming second part looking at the creation of a consumer application.
  • Speech Recognition – Exploring Grammar Based Recognition – Robert Lucero has been exploring the use of Speech Recognition in your own applications, in this post discussing the use of grammar to control the words recognised, illustrating with a sample application. Be sure to check out Robert’s other posts on this topic too.