• Nullable micro-optimization, part three – Eric Lippert returns with the next instalment in his series looking at how the C# Compiler optimises operations using Nullable Types, this time exploring binary operators acting on nullable types.
  • Asynchronously streaming video with ASP.NET Web API – Filip W reminds us that ASP.NET WebAPI is not just about making and exposing APIs, despite its name, and discusses its importance in enabling the HTTP Programming Model in .NET, looking at one aspect of this in the streaming of video
  • C# is the "Language of the Year" – Brandon Bray highlights the news that according to the PYPL index, C# is the language of the year, and to celebrate Brandon shares 5 areas in which many of us could learn something new about C#
  • Windows Phone 8 & 7.x Design Cheat Sheet – Matthias Shapiro highlights a cheat sheet / reference card created by Nathalie Belval which focuses on designing applications for Windows Phone, including details for Windows Phone 7 and 8
  • A Simple Overview on How Pattern Match Compiles – ‘colinfang’ takes a look at how F# Pattern Matching actually works under the hood, comparing the F# implementation to the decompiled from IL C# version, providing a great opportunity to help C# developers understand what actually happens with pattern matching in terms of a language they understand, and also illustrates the expressive power of F# pattern matching.
  • Creating a complete ASP.Net MVC 4.0 application with Visual Studio 2012, C# , EF 5.0 (Code First) – part 6 – Nikolaos Kantzelis continues with his series looking at building a sample application using ASP.NET MVC4 / Entity Framework 5 Code First, etc. This post looks at adding validation to data capture forms.
  • Windows Runtime – what’s supported where? – Jim O’Neil discusses which parts of the Windows Runtime apply on which platforms, discussing the documentation, differences and gaps between the different platforms, and ending on the advice to ensure you look at the correct documentation for the platform you are developing for.


  • Presenting VS2012 at VBUG Bristol on 16 Jan 2013 – Tarun Arora is delivering a session at the Bristol VBUG User Group on the evening of the 16th January in Filton, Bristol where Visual Studio 2012 is the topic, with a session giving an overview of what is new and exciting in VS2012 for end to end application life cycle management.