• PLINQ and Int32.MaxValue – Stephen Toub discusses a limitation of the PLINQ (and some LINQ to Objects) methods when dealing with very large enumerables which have Int32.MaxValue elements, discussing how you can work around the limit if you need to by breaking enumerables down into smaller ones.
  • Live Connect Single Sign-On from Windows Phone 8 for Mobile Services – Glenn Gailey discusses the release of an updated Live=SKD for Windows and Windows Phone, which now includes support for Windows Phone 8, sharing a new Windows Phone 8 tutorial titled ‘Authenticate with Live Connect single sign-on’ looking at how you can use this with Windows Azure Mobile Services.
  • The Windows Store App Lifecycle – Rachel Appel takes a look at the lifecycle of a Windows 8 Store Application, discussing the various transitions in state the application makes during its use (and finishing use), and looks at how we can write code to work with these transitions.
  • Using Portable Class Library in .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 – Mahesh Sabnis takes a look at how the Portable Class Libraries functionality can be used in Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 to create libraries which can be consumed in a the ever growing variety of .NET platforms
  • Automated testing with FubuMVC, StoryTeller, and – Josh Arnold builds on the theory in his previous post with a practical example of performing automated testing FubuMVC code, illustrating some of the concepts already discussed.
  • Hadoop on Azure : Introduction – Bruno Terkaly shares another neat introductory post, this time looking at running Hadoop on the Windows Azure platform, introducing all the key concepts.
  • Build Bullet #1 – Use Version Aware Build – Scripts – Roy Osherove kicks off a new series of posts looking at what makes good / better builds, with the first part taking a look at Version awarness. Check out his blog for some more (there are three at the time of writing) which look at the use and abuse of XML in build tools, and starting out with a good build / deploy pipeline on new projects.