• Announcing TypeScript 0.8.1 – Luke Hoban announces the release of the second preview release of TypeScript, building upon the suggestions and bug reports from the first preview, and adding source level debugging as a new feature
  • Bring on the AWESOME!!! Caliburn.Micro v1.4 Released – Rob Eisenberg announces the release of Caliburn.Micro 1.4, which addresses reported bugs, improves the nuget experience, and adds full support for WinRT applications and Windows Phone 8 applications. Rob also highlights the contributions of community project members who added a lot to this release.
  • IE 9.0.11 Available via Windows Update – The Internet Explorer team highlight the release of an important update to Internet Explorer 9 available via Windows Update. This update addresses three privately reported issues, and is deemed a critical update, so make sure you are protected by updating
  • A C# .NET Client Proxy For The RabbitMQ Management API – Mike Hadlow continues adding C# wrappers and proxies for various aspects of RabbitMQ, with this latest release adding support for the Management API in C# wrapping the HTTP JSON API, all available via Nuget.


  • Visual Studio Little Wonders: Quick Launch / Quick Access – James Michael Hare continues his Little Wonders series with another post looking at the little wonders of Visual Studio, exploring the new Qucik launch in Visual Studio 2012 (and the equivalent Quick Access in VS2010)
  • await, WhenAll, WaitAll, oh my!! – Pablo M. Cibraro takes a look at the new Async / Await functionality, looking at an example where the await keyword doesn’t do quite what people might expect, exploring some performance numbers to back up the conclusions.
  • Debug With TypeScript 0.8.1 – John Papa takes a brief look at the new debugging experience for TypeScript, at the source level right inside Visual Studio.
  • A high level look at the FubuMVC Ecosystem – Jeremy D Miller gives a tour of the various components which make up the FubuMVC ecosystem, taking a look at each of the key projects / packages and giving an overview of their purpose.
  • ASP.NET WebForms Model Binding – Overview – Pranav Rastogi gives an overview of the new in ASP.NET 4.5 model binding functionality for ASP.NET Web Forms, discussing what model binding is, the history and origins of the functionality, and looking at the benefits model binding provides.
  • Optimizing JavaScript Windows 8 application: Using the Visual Studio performance analysis tool (profiler) – David Catuhe gives a tour of the JavaScript performance profiling available for Windows 8 Applications in Visual Studio 2012, looking at using it to diagnose and fix performance issues.
  • Abstractions, Patterns, and Interfaces – K. Scott Allen discusses the appropriate use of levels of Abstraction in our applications, and explores through an example the use of interfaces, and application of patterns,