• All about <httpRuntime targetFramework> – Levi Broderick discusses the targetFramework attribute of the HttpRuntime element of ASP.NET Configuration, and its role in ensuring your applications do what you expect them to regarding compatibility between framework versions.
  • Harvey, a .net chat server built with RabbitMQ – Leon Bambrick gives a nice introduction to working with RabbitMQ, illustrating and discussing its setup and use wtih a Chat Server example
  • CSS Architecture – Philip Walton discusses the structuring of CSS and looks at applying good programming principles (Least Surprise, predictability, maintainability, etc) to CSS architecture to ensure you have a maintainable CSS codebase
  • 31 Days of Windows 8 | Day #20: Printing – Jeff Blankenburg and Clark Sells continue their series looking at Windows 8 development using XAML/C# and HTML/JS with a look at printing from within your Windows App Store applications.
  • Small in, Big out – Eric Gunnerson takes a look at the choice of return type between IEnumerable and IList, and discusses best practices to decide where and when to use which type.
  • GroupBy With Maximum Size – K. Scott Allen shares a solution to a grouping problem in LINQ, arranging items into groups with a maximum group size.
  • Why you should never use a boolean field (use an Enum instead) – Simone Chiaretta discusses the use of boolean fields as an AntiPattern looking at a real world example in which he encountered problems using boolean.
  • Visual Studio 2012 Page Inspector – Giles Davies takes a look at the Visual Studio 2012 Page Inspector functionality showing how it integrates application use and debugging of client side DOM interactions into the Visual Studio IDE.