• Welcome to Windows 8! – Paul Laberge highlights the official release of Windows 8, available right now. I shall be attempting to get my official copy this evening.
  • Chutzpah – Chutzpah 2.2 with TypeScript support – Matthew Manela announces the release of Chutzpah 2.2 his Open Source Java Script test runner. This release brings with it support for the TypeScript super-set of JavaScript along with addressing some reported issues, and support for reference folders.
  • AspectMap Is Now Open Source! – Chris Surfleet announces the open sourcing of AspectMap, with the project hosted on CodePlex this moves this aspect oriented programming framework built on top of the StructureMap IoC framework into the next stage of its life.
  • CoffeeScript 1.4.0 Released, No Sign of Source Maps – Chris Smith highlights the release of CoffeeScript 1.4.0, a release which removes annoying deprecation warning messages when used with node.js, and improves handling of Microsoft UTF-8 BOM marked files.
  • Introducing Unfold – Thomas Van Machelen introduces Unfold, a deployment solution for .NET applications which is implemented in PowerShell. The project is similar in many ways to Capistrano, and as such builds on PowerShell, PSake and PowerShell Remoting. In this post Thomas gives an overview of the use of this system.



  • patterns & practices Symposium 2013 – Eugenio Pace highlights the 2013 Patterns and Practices Symposium, taking place in Redmond, WA between the 15 and 17th January. This 3 day event looks to be packing in a lot, and with early bird pricing until 9th November of $398 ($498 full price) is pretty good value.