• A Web Developer’s Look at the MVC4 Request Pipeline – James Chambers takes a trip down the ASP.NET MVC 4 pipeline discussing the various stages of request processing provided for within the MVC pipeline, illustrating with code samples which highlight the use of some of the features.
  • ASPNET WebAPI REST Guidance – Josh Reuben shares some useful notes on implementing REST like service APIs using the ASP.NET Web API, discussing the various key concepts behind RESTful services, and looking at how they map to ASP.NET WebAPI concepts.
  • MSDN Magazine November Issue Preview – Michael Desmond gives a taste of what is to come in November’s edition of MSDN Magazine, discussing some of the articles coming from a variety of excellent writers
  • Building ASP.NET applications using Knockout.js with a server side defined view model – CodeProject – Paolo Costa takes a look at combining an ASP.NET application with client side data binding using the Knockout.js framework, illustrating with a simple sample application in this CodeProject article.
  • Do Not Optimize Without Measuring – Alois Kraus discusses one of the (if not the) most important concepts of performance optimizing – make sure you measure where and what the performance is like before you optimize.
  • Initial thoughts on some new-fangled things part 1 – Jeremy D Miller gives his take on some of the more cutting edge technologies, discussing the use of Document Databases, Automated Testing, Command Query Responsibility Separation, and some thoughts on eventual consistency,


  • NxtGenUG – Event: Get your head in the clouds! – The NxtGenUG in Cambridge welcome Andy Cross and Richard Conway for an introduction to working in the cloud using Windows Azure, giving an introduction to all aspects of cloud services on the Azure platform including management, diagnostics, tooling and running sites on Azure Websites.