• Windows Identity Foundation Tools for Visual Studio 2012 RTM – Vittorio Bertocci announces the RTM release of the Identity and Access Tools for Visual Studio 2012, along with a refresh of all the Windows Identity Foundation samples. In the post Vittorio walks through the release notes, and sows some of the tooling in action.
  • Idera pluses PowerShell by freeing PowerShell Plus v4.6 – Gren Duncan highlights the news that Idera -have made PowerShell Plus v4.6, their interactive console, script editor, debugger and learning centre, available for free
  • Introducing Icenium – an Integrated Cloud Environment for Hybrid Mobile App Development – The taem over at Telerik announce the general availability of Icenium, their tooling to help you build mobile applications to run acorss multiple platforms, utilising the cloud to make the product lightweight, and remove the need to install all the various SDKs locally – certainly looks interesting.
  • The Truth about NuGet and its Future – Phil Haack discusses the future of the NuGet package manager, sheds light on the ownership of the project, Microsoft’s involvement, and clarifies the difference between the open source version and the version that is integrated in Visual Studio.