• Mono 3.0 is out – Miguel de Icaza announces the offical release of Mono 3.0, a significant release which brings features such as async in C#, .NET 4.5 async support, integration with the opensourced Microsoft projects (ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Razor, etc), a new garbage collector and much more.
  • Announcing TouchDevelop Web App Preview – Nikolai Tillmann announces the first preview of TouchDevelop Web App, a development environment which runs in the browser allowing development of Windows 8 and Windows Phone applications which you can then sell in the marketplace
  • Uber Prof V2.0 is now in Public Beta – Ayende announces the public beta of the second edition of Uber Profiler, the framework aware profiler for NHibernate, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL. As always with a beta the team are keen on your feedback.


  • Using async/await without .NET Framework 4.5 – Immo Landwerth announces an update to the Async Targeting Pack which brings the wonders of async/await Visual Studio 2012 projects targeting the .NET Framework V4, and Silverlight 5, Silverlight 4, Windows Phone 7.5 and portable class libraries targeting those versions, all available as a NuGet package
  • A method group of one – Eric Lippert discusses the implementation of the C# dynamic functionality, discussing how expressions involving dynamic types are analysed, illustrating with some examples.
  • Thread.Interrupt Is Evil – Alois Kraus discusses the evil’ness of Thread.Interrupt, discussing some problems encountered in a production application’s shutdown, and discussing the CLR’s behavior when it encounters Thread.Interrupt.
  • Updated F# Language Specification for F# 3.0 Now Available – Don Syme and Wonseok Chae highlight an updated version of the F# language specification document which includes all the language features introduced in F#3.0
  • Single page apps in depth (new free book) – Mikito Takada shares ‘Single Page Apps in Depth’ an online book looking at the development code and concepts behind this relatively new type of application.