I had an excellent weekend up at DDD North 2 in Bradford – many thanks to the organisers, sponsors, speakers and attendees for making it another community event that the developer community can be proud of.


  • Pre-Order Windows 8 Pro Now!!! – Doug Holland highlights the pricing for Windows 8 Pro, a $69.99 pre order for the boxed product for delivery on release day, and $39.99 for download. UK pricing looks to be similar with the UK Microsoft store offering the boxed product for £49.99 and the download for £24.99
  • Announcing Riak on Microsoft Windows Azure – Basho highlight the news that their NoSQL Database product Riak is now available in a fully supported manner on the Windows Azure platform
  • Sandcastle Help File Builder – October 2010 release – Tatworth highlights the latest release of SandCastle, the Help File Documentation Generation tool which examines the XML code comments in your assemblies and generates documentation from them.



  • DDD attendance leaderboard, where do you rank? – This weekend was DDDNorth 2, a splendid conference, and I plan to pull together a list of related posts later this week (let me know if you’ve posted about DDD North). The Speaker and Helper T-Shirts generated a bit of a buzz with a full list of the DDD Conferences that have occurred on the reverse. Gary Ewan Park is compiling a leaderboard of conferences attended (which I’m currently at the top of, although expecting to have many others above me before long).