• Is C# a strongly typed or a weakly typed language? – Eric Lippert has a discussion (with himself?) looking at whether C# is a strongly or weakly typed language, discussing how its depends on the viewpoint of the observer to decide which it is.
  • Diagnosing Memory Leaks in Managed Windows Store Apps – Sasha Goldshtein takes a look at how memory leaks can occur in Managed Windows Store applications, exploring the processes memory and discussing the many ways in which leaks may occur in Windows Store applications.
  • Using ProcDump to Monitor Windows 8 Store Apps – Michael Crump takes a look at using the SysInternals tools ProcDump and Process Monitor to monitor and observe Windows Store applications behaviour.
  • Windows 8 Notifications: Push Notifications – Jim O’Neil continues his series of posts looking at Notifications in Windows 8 applications, exploring the use of Push Notifications in this part, discussing the workflow for using them, and some design considerations for their use.
  • Introducing RazorPDF – Al Nyveldt shares a look at his project based on the Razor View Engine for building PDF content using the Razor engine, sharing a screencast showing it in use.
  • Test Driven Development of a Generational Garbage Collection – Abhinaba Basu discusses the use of Test Driven Development as it was used with the team building the generational garbage collection system for the Windows Phone Mango OS release.