• More C#/.NET Generics Research Project History – The MSR white paper from mid-1999 – Don Syme continues his unearthing and sharing of some of the early research work which went into the .NET 2.0 Generics Implementation, sharing further insights into the evolution and development of the ,NET CLR.
  • The Turkish ? Problem and Why You Should Care – Phil Haack discusses the dangers of doing string comparisons the wrong way, illustrating with an interesting feature of the Turkish Language, and goes on to look at how you can use FxCop to ensure that your projects only contain string comparison and other Globalization concerns done correctly.
  • FormsAuthentication on ASP.NET sites with the Google Chrome Browser on iOS – Scott Hanselman discusses the new iOS based Chrome browser, highlighting a compatibility issue with earlier versions of .NET (pre-4.5) where forms authentication would always use its cookieless mode, and shares the fix to resolve this.
  • FluentAssertions – Unit Testing Made Better – Part 1 – Chris Surfleet takes a look at the FluentAssertions library, available via NuGet, and looks at how it can be used to improve the structure and readability of assertions in your tests.
  • CLR Hosting – Customizing the CLR – Mattias Högström takes a look at the process for hosting the .NET CLR in your own process, sharing a simple C++ program which hosts the CLR inside the unmananged code, allowing you to execute .NET code inside the parent application.
  • F# Luhny Bin: Luhn Algorithm – Josh Bush takes a look at using F# to implement the Luhn Algorithm, a checksum used in credit card numbers, showing two iterations of the code, showing how F# can be refactored to cleaner versions of code.