• Three Years, Five Million Downloads – Many congratulations to Jialiang Ge and all the other folk behind the Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework on hitting the 5 million download mark. This post highlights this achievement and also shares some interesting statistics on who is using the All-In-One Code Framework.
  • Hawaii goes v2.0 (as in Project Hawaii Cloud Services SDK 2.0) – Greg Duncan highlights the release of the Project Hawaii Cloud Services which include cloud based OCR, Speech to Text, Translation, Text-to-Speech, etc.


  • Targeting Multiple Platforms with Portable Code: Overview – Brandon Bray shares a post from Mircea Trofin discussing the portability of code between the different .NET platforms using the portable class library assemblies functionality of Visual Studio.
  • MassTransit v2.5.3 Now Supports the TPL – Chris Patterson discusses his efforts to integrate the MassTransit Message Bus with SignalR, and how he ended up adding Task Parallel Library support to MassTransit to enable it to play nicely with SignalR.
  • What’s Happening in NUnit – Charlie Poole gives an update on the NUnit Universe, highlighting a planned 2.6.1 release later this month, a new update to the Visual Studio Test Adapter to support the RC release, an update on NUnitLite and the plans for NUnit 3.0
  • Is recursion really bad? – Li Chen follow on from a recent tip about increasing Stack Space with a discussion as to whether recursion should be considered a bad thing, discussing the performance improvement that converting to loops gives, and looking at the expense of the additional code required.
  • NHibernate Pitfalls: Cascades & Lazy Scalar Properties Must Be Auto – Ricardo Peres continues his series looking at some of the potential gotchas in NHibernate, this time looking at the use of Cascade operations, and the use of lazy properties
  • Tree Surgeon 2.0 – The future on the T4 Express – Malcolm Anderson follows on from Bil Simser’s recent discussion of the Tree Surgeon project, discussing why he believes that there is still a future for the project in giving a good development tree experience.
  • My NuGet Package for Color Conversion (RGB, HSL, HSV, CMYK, XYZ, LAB) – Saveen Reddy shares a NuGet package for conversion of colour codes between the different ways of working with colours.


  • Dev Camps (in London) – Phil Cross highlights the Dev Camp events, initially taking place in London in mid to late July, which will be covering all things Windows Phone and Windows 8