• Visual Studio 11 User Interface Updates Coming in RC – Monty Hammontree, Director of User Experience, Microsoft Developer Tools Division discusses the changes that are being made to Visual Studio 11’s UI since the beta release, showing what has changed in response to feedback in the forthcoming RC release.
  • SharpDevelop 4.2 – Christoph Wille announces the release of the SharpDevelop 4.2 IDE. This release brings .NET 4.5 targeting support, an updated UI, support for ASP.NET MVC 3, WCF Service References, Improved JavaScript editing capabilities and much more.
  • Knockout 2.1.0 released – Steve Sanderson highlights the release of Knockout JS 2.1.0, the latest version of this MVVM JavaScript implementation. This new release includes support for CommonJS and Asynchronous Module Definition, a bunch of new features, and the usual bugfixes and improvements.


  • ConcurrentQueue<T> holding on to a few dequeued elements – Stephen Toub discusses the behaviour of the ConcurrentQueue data structure when removing elements from it, and how it keeps references to the dequeued items due to how it is intended to operate.
  • OrmHate – Martin Fowler discusses a current theme in the development space, Object Relational Mapper ‘bashing’, looking at some of the charges leveled against the ORM and looking at the alternatives both in terms of rolling your own, and changing the way in which we structure data in applications.
  • Simple.Data and VB.Net The final queries – Christiaan Baes rounds out his mini-series on the use of the Simple.Data Micro ORM with a look at some more complex queries comparing the VB.NET and SQL created.
  • Your WebAPP’s Worst Performance Bottleneck Maybe in the Stylesheet – Peter Qian discusses how end user performance of Web Applications can actually have quite a lot to do with the implementation of your applications style sheets, discussing the use of CSS selector profiler tooling to help identify performance problems in complex selectors.
  • Say goodbye to Azure (The name only… all the services live on). Removing &quot;Azure&quot; from Windows Azure Service names usage records – Greg Duncan highlights the news that Microsoft are dropping the Azure name from the product line, making the names of the services somewhat shorter and simpler. The email actuality talks about the ‘usage record downloads’ so I’m not too sure how far the removal of ‘Azure’ actually runs,
  • A XAML Guy digs into ASP.NET MVC4 (Part 2 of ?) – Michael Crump continues his series looking at the world of ASP.NET MVC 4 from the point of view of a XAML developer, looking at mobile web application development, and adding some more features to his sample application.


  • NxtGenUG – Event: Poking around EF5 – Geff Lombardi is visiting the Southampton NxtGenUG on Thursday 24th May for a session looking at Entity Framework 5, looking at the new features of the latest version including enum, table value function, spatial and code first migrations.
  • DDD10 – September 1st 2012 – Conference Home – The DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper conference in Reading is returning for its 10th outing on Saturday 1st September, and the call for speakers has opened already, so if you are interested in speaking at the conference get your session proposals in (Note: Site seems to be missing lots of content this morning, so might be worth hanging back on submitting until it gets sorted)