Update: Fixed the Link to ‘Updated NUnit Plugin for VS11 Released’ – thanks to Scott Peterson for letting me know via the comments


  • Updated NUnit Plugin for VS11 Released – Peter Provost highlights the announcement from Charlie Poole of an updated NUnit Test runner adapter for Visual Studio 11 Beta, allowing you to successfully run tests written using NUnit from inside VS11
  • Babel Obfuscator 5.5 Released – Alberto Ferrazzoli announces the release of Babel Obfuscator 5.5 with added support for Windows 8 Developer Preview and the Visual Studio 11 Beta, Silverlight 5, along with a stack of improvements to the Obfuscator implementation.
  • API Improvements made in SignalR 0.5 – David Fowler highlights the 0.5 release of SignalR and discusses some of the API changes made since previous versions.
  • Introducing Humanizer – Mehdi Khalili introduces his latest project, a library which takes strings, enums and dates and turns them into human readable strings, dealing with things such as the naming styles for BDD tests.
  • Announcing YUI 3.5.1 – The Yahoo! YUI team announces the release of YUI 3.5.1, available as download or via the CDN, and providing a number of bugfixes over the previous 3.5 release.
  • Sample Browser v5.1–a small refresh with support of Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Jialiang Ge announces the latest release of the All-In-One Code Framework Samples Browser which adds support for running it on Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Server 8 Beta.


  • GUID guide, part three – Eric Lippert continues with his discussion of the Global Unique Identifier discussing the privacy concerns with using location and time as a factor in GUID generation, rounding off the series with a nice summary of key take aways about GUIDs.
  • The perils of conditional mutability – Jon Skeet discusses some investigation into performance issues with the test for his Noda Time project discussing how some issues with invarient culture and mutability of types caused issues.
  • A look at the CLR 4.5, Improved Large Object Heap Allocator, Server GC Background Mode and Auto NGen – Greg Duncan highlights a nice article on some of the improvements in .NET 4.5 for the Kernel – large object heap, and garbage collection, and which also discusses the automatic NGen performed on Windows 8 for assemblies in the GAC, helping to improve application performance.
  • JavaScript for the C# Guy: The Global Object – Shawn Wildermuth continues his series looking at JavaScript Development from the point of view of a C# .NET Developer, discussing the concept of the global object in JavaScript.
  • Simple.Data and complex types: one to many & PetaPoco: Mapping related objects – Christiaan Baes and Eli Weinstock-Herman continues their respective series looking at the implementation of data access using the micro ORMs Simple.Data and PetaPoco.
  • WCF Data Services, now with more releases! – The WCF Data Services Team discusses the recent changes to their development practices and methodology which has lead to more rapid releases, the adoption of semantic versioning, and distribution via Nuget.