• Improving Launch Performance for Your Desktop Applications – Brandon Bray discusses some of the improvements being made to .NET in the Visual Studio 11 timeframe to give your applications an improved startup time, discussing the managed profile guided optimization (MPGO) and the use of NGen to generate improved native images.
  • Facebook C# SDK submitted to the Outercurve Foundation – Peter Galli highlights the Facebook C# SDK as the latest project to be taken under the OuterCurve Foundation’s wing.
  • Integrating and isolating the container in tests – Jimmy Bogard takes a look at using nested/child containers to allow him to use his production IOC configuration in integration tests, with just a few outer most services stubbed out, and have the container go back to a known state between tests.
  • Interfaces and IoC – Derek Fowler is also discussing IoC, specifically the decisions about the interfaces to use for the items in our containers, looking at some of the design decisions and how different implementations conform to best practices.
  • Avoiding NotSupportedException with IQueryable – K. Scott Allen looks at how certain LINQ providers are not able to fully support projections where you make use of constructors to do the constructing of to projected to object. Check out the comments for a neat solution to the problem
  • Metro: Introduction to CSS 3 Grid Layout – Stephen Walther takes a look at the use of CSS3 Grid Layouts, a part of the W3C CSS3 Spec which allows you to easily create grid layouts, showing how the spec is supported for JavaScript / HTML powered Metro applications in this nice primer on the subject.
  • CoffeeScript or Straight Up JavaScript? It’s Decision Time – Rob Conery discusses the various factors he is considering when making a decision between plain JavaScript and CoffeeScript, looking at debugging, readability. Interesting reading, as are the comments on this one.
  • Weak Events in .Net, the easy way – Samuel Jack shares a look at how he implements weak events in .NET using the Reactive Extensions to avoid having objects kept alive by event handlers and being prevented from being cleaned up by garbage collection.