• AutoFakes Is Now Live at CodePlex – Doug Seelinger announces the release of his first Open Source project on CodePlex. AutoFakes is intended for use with Visual Studio 11, and may work with VS2010 and the Pex functionality, and provides auto mocking container like features without the container dependency.
  • YUI 3.5.0 PR4 Is Now Available – The Yahoo User Interface team announce the 4th and final preview release of YUI 3.5 prior to its official release. This release is available on the Yahoo CDN and also as a download and the team are keen for you to try it out in your projects and give feedback.



  • Advanced Windows Azure Workshop UK – Planky, in conjunction with Andy Cross and Richard Conway of the UK Azure UserGroup is looking into the possibility of running an advanced 1 day Windows Azure Workshop in the UK , and trying to get a idea of how many people would be interested. If this is something you would find useful let them know.