• Features NO ONE NOTICED in Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Web – Scott Hanselman gives the Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for web release some love, looking at the new features included, including testing support, the new structure for templates, and a number of useful editor features.
  • Visual Studio 11 Beta Performance Part #3 – Larry Sullivan shares the last part of this seris looking at the performance improvements made in Visual Studio 11. In this part Tim Wagner discusses the various improvements made to the debugging experience in the latest beta release.
  • Client-side messaging in JavaScript – Part 3 (anti-patterns) – Jim Cowart continues his series about client-side messaging in JavaScript and looking at his postal.js message bus implementation. This part takes a look at some of the bad possibilities for messaging, discussing some of the anti-patterns for this approach.
  • Backbone.js And JavaScript Garbage Collection – Derick Bailey continues his post series on Backone.js, taking a look at how JavaScript manages memory, and how you should clean up after yourself in your own backbone applications.
  • WebSockets in Windows Consumer Preview – Brian Raymor of the Windows Networking team discusses the support for WebSockets on the Windows 8 platform and Internet Explorer 10, giving a nice introduction to the way in which WebSockets work.
  • What else is new in C# 5? – Ivan Towlson discusses two of the other significant changes in C#5, looking at the new method caller information functionality which allows you to easily access details of the calling method, and also looks at a change to how loop variables are captured by lambda expressions, removing a common source of bugs.


  • Join us online on April 24 for the patterns & practices Symposium 2012 – Pete Brown highlights the Patterns & Practices Symposium, being held on the 24th April 2012, as a virtual event which will look at building scalable applications in Azure, the use of Node.js, CQRS, development for mobile, .NET Gadgeteer, and also look at the roadmap for the patterns and practices team. Registration is required so they have an idea of numbers.