• Juice UI: Open source ASP.NET Web Forms components for jQuery UI widgets – Jon Galloway highlights JuiceUI, a new open source project from the folks over at appendTo which brings easy server side support for jQuery UI controls to your ASP.NET Webforms applications.
  • Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 RC1 – Todd Parker highlights the first RC release of jQuery Mobile 1.1.0. The 1.1.0 release is all about making jQuery Mobile perform better, with smoother and more polished behaviours, ad this RC includes support for true fixed toolbars, smoother transitions, adds Turn and Flow transitions, updates support for jQuery 1.7.1 and much much more.


  • Consuming WebApi endpoints in your application – Derik Whittaker continues his look at the ASP.NET WebAPI beta exploring the consumption of WebAPI endpoints in applications, looking at the async support of the HttpClient
  • ASP.NET Web Api – Request/Response/Usage Logging – Glav takes a look at how you can log information about the requests to your WebAPI services, including capture of the parameters supplied, and the response sent by way of MessageHandlers extension points.
  • New features of ASP.NET MVC 4 that you will love – Leon Cullens highlights some of the key new features of ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta, drawn from the recent presentation from Scott Guthrie on MVC4 at TechDays Netherlands.
  • Shhh… don’t let your response headers talk too loudly – Troy Hunt discusses the information leak that occurs with the standard configuration of most web servers, where they reveal quite a lot of information about the software being used in th HTTP response headers, before looking at how you can control the headers sent, and discussing his ASafaWeb tool which now checks for these information leaks.
  • "Parsing" Arguments in JavaScript – Jim Cowart discusses the various practices for passing arguments into JavaScript methods to provide overload like capabilities, including looking at the performance implications of the different approaches
  • Primitive JavaScript (BYOSP Part 7) – K. Scott Allen continues his Build Your Own Slide Presenter series looking at building a Slide Show Presentation application in pure HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, taking a look at refactoring the strings and selectors used in some of the code
  • Introduction to jQuery Mobile – Brian Mains share an article discussing the concepts behind jQuery Mobile, along with the setup and getting started and conventions used in this Dotnetslackers article.
  • Two words to code by… IDEAL CHALK [a mnemonic for OOP] – Greg Duncan highlights an article from ProEnggSoft over on CodeProject which provides mnemonic acronym and mnemonic images for the key object oriented principles
  • Umbraco – NuGet Packages and Visual Studio Templates – Morten Christensen of the Umbraco team announces a suite of NuGet Packages for Umbraco which contain templates and functionality making it easy to add features to your Visual Studio based Umbraco projects.
  • Enhancing the "non-javascript" user experience with jQuery UI and Fluqi – toepoke discusses how they maintained the non-JavaScript experience of their site when using Fluqi to add jQuery UI functionality to the site