• Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update – CTP now available for download – Aaron Stebner highlights the release of the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Community Technology Preview. This latest SDK includes support for a new class of WP7 device containing only 256MB RAM. The CTP is being released as a patch on top of the 7.1 SDK, and does not include go-live licensing.


  • Zero to Self Hosting AspNet WebAPI in a few short steps – Derik Whittaker takes a look at implementing a self-hosted ASP.NET Web API implementation inside a console application, showing how easily the API can be be brought online with a HTTP endpoint.
  • Content Negotiation in ASP.NET MVC4 Web API Beta – Part 2 – Kiran Challa continues this series looking at the role of content negotiation in the ASP.NET Web API exploring MediaTypeMapping and the MediaTypeFormatter.
  • Handling exceptions in your ASP.NET Web API – Pablo M. Cibraro discusses the facilities provided in the ASP.NET Web API for handling exceptions, looking at how the ASP.NET MVC basis allows the implementation of Filters to handle and respond to exceptions.
  • WebAPI and Ninject – Shawn Wildermuth digs into the support for Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection frameworks within your WebAPI implementations, looking at how DependencyResolvers are configured in WebAPI, and looking at the use of the CommonServiceLocator
  • Building a Northwind Single Page Application using ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta – Part 1 & Part 2 – Harish Ranganathan takes a look at the Single Page Application templates included in ASP.NET MVC4 Beta which provide the core functionality for creating this new popular form of all in one page application.
  • From ASP.NET MVC to Nancy – Part 3 – Jonas Hovgaard continues his series looking at the Nancy lightweight web framework from the point of view of an ASP.NET MVC developer, looking at the support in Nancy for dependency injection using TinyIOC.
  • MSDN Magazine March Issue Preview – Michael Desmond gives us a taste of what is coming in March’s edition of the MSDN Magazine, due out online in the next couple of days.
  • Plain Old JavaScript – K. Scott Allen discusses the increasing complexity and embedding of code related to frameworks in your own JavaScript code as a result of the way these frameworks work. Interesting discussion starting in the comments of this one.
  • jQuery Tip #5: Using jQuery’s end() Function to Work with Sets & Video: Structuring JavaScript with the Revealing Module Pattern – Dan Wahlin continues his jQuery Tips series with a look at the use of the end() method wen working with sets on the stack, and also shares a part of the PluralSight Structuring JavaScript Code online course which discusses the use of the Revealing Module pattern.
  • Revisiting Hosting Reflector – Nick Harrison takes a look at hosting Reflector inside your own applications, allowing you to make use of its code analysis and disassembler features in your own applications, illustrating with discussing its inclusion in ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC applications