Had a great start to the MVP Summit yesterday at GeekGive where we collectivly packed over 7500 pounds of beans – find out more over on the MVP Award Blog


  • Nancy v0.10.0 – The next step in awesome – Andreas Håkansson announces the release of Nancy v0.10.0, the latest release of the Nancy lightweight web framework. This release includes improvements to diagnostics, Razor, model validation, along with bugfixes and tweaks to existing functionality. Andreas goes on to discuss the amount of community involvement which went into the release, along with taking a look at some of the key new features.
  • jQuery UI 1.8.18 – The jQuery UI Team announce the release of jQuery UI 1.8.18, their latest maintenance release featuring bugfixes for the Accordion, Autocomplete, Button, DatePicker, Dialog, Draggable, Position, Resizable, Slider, Sortable, and Tabs controls. This update is available as a download, and also from a variety of CDN host.
  • Change Considered Harmful? – The New Visual Studio Look and Feel & Visual Studio 11 Beta: Thoughts and Resources – Just in case you missed the news last week of the first previews of the Beta release of Visual Studio 11, Scott Hanselman & Michael Crump discuss the new features of the beta, along with the most discussed feature, the updated ‘metro’ style appearance.