• Modernizr 2.5: Supercharged for 2012 – The Modernizr Team announce the release of Modernizr 2.5, their latest and biggest update ever. The new release includes a vast array of additional feature detects, the support of a full test suite. There are also a few backwards compatibility breaks to be aware of before your upgrade.
  • Visual Studio Unit Testing Extensions v1.2.0.0 – Jeremiah Clark announces the release of the Visual Studio Unit Testing Extensions, a library which adds extension methods to make more readable test when working with the Viausl Studio Unit Testing environment. This release includes additional assertion methods


  • When "ExecuteSynchronously" doesn’t execute synchronously – Stephen Toub continues his posts digging deeper into the Task Parallel Library discussing today the TaskContinuationOptions enum which lets you specify how your continuation runs after a task occurs
  • 15 Designing Windows Phone Icons – Arturo Toledo discusses at length the guidelines and design strategies for the creation of Icons for Windows Phone 7 Applications as a part of his 31 Seeks of Windows Phone Metro Design series.
  • Mango Sample: Give your app the Finger! – Jerry Nixon continues his Windows Phone 7.1 Mango series looking today at making XAML elements movable on the screen using touch and drag. Jerry also shares a video of creating an Azure based Windows Phone App in his post A Cloud-based Phone App in 5 Minutes.
  • Backbone.js And PhoneGap Sample App – Ben Forta highlights some recent posts from Christophe Coenraets looking at building HTML5 CRUD applications using Backbone.js, and also showing how backbone,js can be used with PhoneGap to create cross platform mobile applications.
  • Rewriting My "Guaranteed Callbacks" Code With jQuery Deferred – Derick Bailey takes a look at jQuery ‘deferred’ objects and ‘promises’ and looks at how they can be applied to some existing code of his for running callbacks when collections are loaded in Backbone.
  • Send me a patch for that &
  • Kiss The Ring… – Both Ayende and Rob Conery respond to Hadi Hariri’s post included in yesterday’s edition discussing community expectations of open source and providing patches and feedback. More opinions, and most certainly interesting reading
  • jQuery Tip #1 – Defining a Context When Using Selectors – Dan Wahlin shares the first post in a new series looking at jQuery and sharing tips on its use. This post focuses on the use of selectors in jQuery, looking at some of the less well common ways of selecting elements.
  • Using to consume the JSON Stack Overflow API – Jonathan Creamer takes a look at consuming JSON powered APIs using .NET code, looking at the JSON.NET library as probably the best way of consuming such data, and exploring its use consuming the StackOverlfow API.


  • Building HTTP services with ASP.NET Web API in MVC 4 Beta – The Community For MVC (C4MVC) have a Virtual Usergroup meeting today, 8th Feb, 12-1PM CST which will be looking at the Web API which is included in the ASP.NET MVC4 Beta. Daniel Roth will be discussing the concepts and looking at building RESTful applications using it in the session.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: World Domination: ASP.NET MVC – The Cambridge NxtGenUG group welcome Guy Smith-Ferrier for a session on ASP.NET MVC on the evening of Tuesday 6th March at Microsoft Research Cambridge. In the session Guy will look at the localisation of your ASP.NET MVC applications, sharing his wealth of knowlege on the subject.
  • WPUG presents #NotAtMWC12 – The London based Windows Phone User Group will be meeting on the evening of Tuesday 28th February for an event looking at the wider world of mobile, including discussions of the goings on at MWC in Barcelona.