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  • ServiceStack/Bundler – Demis Bellot shares Bundler, a Compiler, combiner and minifier for Less, Sass, CoffeeScript and JavaScript files in which bundling is done at compile time. The implementation is in Node.JS and ships with a Windows node.exe, and is available as a Nuget package for easy inclusion in your projects.


  • What is "binding" and what makes it late? – Eric Lippert discusses another of those terms that get banded about which people often have the wrong impression of its meaning. This post explores the concept of binding (in the compiler sense) and takes a look at the concept of late binding.
  • FromAsync(asyncResult, …) vs FromAsync(beginMethod, …) – Stephen Toub demystifies another aspect of the Task Parallel Library looking at the two overloads of the FromAsync helper method to convert async begin/end methods to Tasks, discussing the scenarios in which you would use each.
  • .NET phone number validation with Google libphonenumber – The AppHarbor team blog shares a piece on the tricky business of telephone number validation, looking at the use of the Google libphonenumber, and more specifically the .NET port from Patrick Mézard, which consists of years’ worth of experience parsing telephone numbers all over the world.
  • Web Dev .NET: Differences Between jQuery .bind() vs .live() vs .delegate() vs .on() – Elijah Manor takes a look at four similar jQuery methods (.bind(), .live(), .delegate() and .on()), discussing the use of each, with examples, and helping to explain which one you should be using in which scenario.
  • Submit a patch – Hadi Hariri discusses the role of complaining in the software world, discussing how it is generally responded to in the commercial software world, before talking about the open source world, where ‘complaints’ are often less well responded to, sharing an opinion on what can be done to improve matters.
  • 3 Stages Of A Backbone Application’s Startup – Derick Bailey discusses the standard method for startup code in Backbone based JavaScript applications, and shares how his Backbone.Marionette addon makes use of application initializer callbacks with added benefits
  • The Commodore 64 Emulator: Emulating Pointers in a sandbox when the real thing is not allowed – Pete Brown discusses some of his recent work on his Commodore 64 Emulator, written to run in Silverlight, and drawing on the Frodo C64 Emulator written in C and C++. In this post Pete discusses how he worked around the use of pointers in the C / C++ version when porting to .NET, and specifically Silverlight where unsafe code is not officially allowed.
  • Implementing a Code Action using Roslyn – Brian Rasmussen of the C# Team discusses how the Roslyn Services API allows you to manipulate and correct code issues in within Visual Studio from an extension, illustrating with an example which replaces use of Count() > 0 with .Any
  • Previous Web Architectures & Web-app model quandary` – Paul Hammant discusses the web architectures of the past, looking at the evolution of web based platforms and the technologies and implementation styles used throughout the ages, before focusing on the current trend for micro web frameworks