• The State of NuGet – Phil Haack breaks some of the blogging silence on NuGet and gives an update on what the project has been up to recently, highlighting the project status page, the issue tracker which details many of the changes coming in 1.7, and also the Jabbr chat room which is the ideal place to go to discuss all things Nuget (and plenty of other topics too)
  • Modern Web Development – Part 4 – Debugging – Shawn Wildermuth continues his series of posts covering his re-discovery of web development, and looking at how it has changed from web development of old. This post explores the art of Debugging looking at how you can use browser features and extensions to enable you to successfully debug client side code and styling.
  • jQuery Tip #2 – Manipulating the DOM in a Loop – Dan Wahlin continues with his jQuery Tips series with a look at using jQuery to add elements to the page, discussing the performance impacts of the different ways of achieving this.
  • Potential pitfalls to avoid when passing around async lambdas – Stephen Toub discusses the use of async lambdas and anonymous methods with the Task Parallel Library, discussing their use, before looking at some of the subtle bugs that incorrect use can introduce.
  • WF3 Types Marked Obsolete in .NET 4.5 – Jurgen Willis of the WorkflowTeam discusses the decision to mark the WF3 implementation ‘System.Workflow’ as obsolete in the forthcoming .NET 4.5 release, and also highlights some resources to aid anyone migrating a WF3 app to WF4
  • Connection Pool Fragmentation: Use Federations and you won’t need to learn about these nasty problems that come with sharding! – Cihan Biyikoglu discusses how the new SQL Azure Federations functionality makes sharding your data within multiple databases much easier, and reduces the number of connections to databases required
  • Using the Battery API – Part of WebAPI – Robert Nyman discusses the Battery API which allows web applications running in Firefox on Windows, Linux and Android to access details about the battery life of the device its running on, allowing your application to respond suitably. Some interesting uses detailed in the comments.
  • C# Needs Seqs – Chris Eargle discusses the use of the IEnumerable<T> interface as a great way of working with sequences, and proposes the introduction of a seq<T> keyword/data type in C# to allow easier access to a type which is pretty core to most development.
  • Windows Phone 7.5 : Working with Azure Storage Table – Wriju takes a look at the use of Windows Azure Storage to fulfil the storage needs of Windows Phone applications, sharing some code to illustrate it in use.
  • Windows Phone Fast Application Switching and Page State – Dhananjay Kumar discusses the improvements in Windows Phone Mango to the Fast Application Switching, and how it relates to Page State
  • OSS Rules of Engagement – Jimmy Bogard shares his feelings on the debate about OSS development and community comments / complaints, sharing his 4 rules of engagement for Open Source Software
  • Visual Studio 11 not 2011 – Daniel Moth highlights a subtlety of the current naming for the next release of Visual Studio – the fact that it currently is being referred to by its Version Number, and not the year of release.
  • Using PowerShell v3 to consume the StackOverflow JSON API – Doug Finke follows on from a post included yesterday about using JSON.NET to consume the Stack Overflow API, instead taking a look at consuming it using PowerShell 3


  • – Mobile and devices – standards>next are running an event in Manchester on Saturday 3rd March looking at the future of web standards when applied to mobile and other devices. The event is being held at the John Dalton Building of Manchester Metropolitan University from 1pm to 6pm. The event is free, but registration is required, and at the time of writing there are still 11 tickets available
  • In The Brain of Itamar Syn-Hershko: RavenDB – The London .NET Usergroup and Skills Matter join forces for an eventon the evening of Tuesday 28th February where they welcome Itamar Syn-Hershko, a core developer on the RavenDB project to discusses how RavenDB Indexes data, and to discuss Map Reduce, MultiMap, Live Projections and much more.