• PhoneThemeManager: allow your app to have the Light, Dark, or Inverted theme with 1 line of code – Jeff Wilcox shares a library for Window Phone 7 Mango which allows you to have your application use the light theme even if the device is set to dark theme, allowing you to give you applications a contrasting look, much like the built in Mail application does. The library is available on NuGet in both source and binary format, and code is also available on GitHub.
  • NuGet Project Uncovered: NFeature – Jason Jarrett continues his series of posts looking at some of the interesting recent additions to the NuGet package feed, highlighting NFeature, a library which provides support for Feature Toggles.


  • Event Centric: storing and consuming events – Daniel Cazzulino continues his series of posts discussing the various aspects of event sourcing, taking a look in more detail at the storage of the domain events in an event store and how you can go about consuming them.
  • Structure your code by feature – Urs Enzler discusses an alternative approach to structuring your code, looking at structuring it based on feature / requirement, building more structure on top of the standard layered approach and easing maintainability in the long term.
  • Implementing resource oriented controllers in ASP.NET MVC – Pablo M. Cibraro discusses the tendency for ASP.NET MVC controllers to be used as a grouping of actions to share URL structures, and looks at an alternative which allows your controller to be simpler and better observe the SOLID principles.
  • Solving Real-world Theming Challenges with MVC4 and Sass – Harvey Kandola discusses the lack of theming support in native ASP.NET MVC, and shares his solution to this building upon Sass and utilising some useful IDE extensions to make working with Sass and CSS better.
  • Windows Communication Foundation 4.0 – Simplified Configuration Feature – Melissa Amanna highlights one of the key improvements made to WCF in .NET 4, an improvement to the amount of configuration required for your services.
  • MicroFinance App, Creating the Front End – Sara Allison shares a piece from Matt Robinson discussing a proof of concept application using HTML5 Canvas, Modernizr and Knockout.js which he was involved in the creation of.
  • Debugging IndexedDB Applications – Israel Hilerio discusses and shares the IDBExplorer tool that the Internet Explorer team use to help debug client side code which makes use of the IndexedDB data storage features.
  • Software Release Management – Why You Can’t And Shouldn’t Force People to Use the Latest Version – Rob Reynolds discusses the variety of factors which you need to consider when dealing with versioned software releases, looking at the many reasons why people may choose not to use your latest and greatest version.
  • Rant: That’;s Not Rest – Derick Bailey wades into the world of REST, a topic which has more than its fair share of confusion about what it actually is and how it should be correctly implemented. Derick shares a collection of resource (and has updated the post with addition ones people suggested).
  • Building a large text file editor – Part I – Costin Boldisor kicks off a two part series looking at some of the concepts behind the creation of a text editor which can handle large files, discussion the concept of a revision stream in this first post.
  • Deploying "Cloud Numerics" Sample Applications to Windows Azure HPC Clusters – Roger Jennings walks through the process of deploying a sample application of the new Microsoft ‘Cloud Numerics’ platform onto Windows Azure in this step by step post.
  • Now, more than ever, you need a designer – Pete Brown discusses the value that a good UX designer can bring to your project, looking back at the history of UX design in software development and highlighting the importance of getting designers involved early in a project.