Update: Some broken HTML merged Derick Bailey and Davy Brion’s links in todays edition – thanks to Oded for letting me know.


  • Announcing SQL Azure Data Sync Preview Refresh – The Windows Azure Team announce the release of a refresh to the preview of the SQL Azure Data Sync. SQL Azure Data Sync provides a means for you to synchronise data between your on premise databases and those in the cloud, and this refresh addresses a number of issues customer raised, including making it available in all Azure datacentres
  • Rockford Lhotka – CSLA 4 version 4.3.0 alpha available – Rockford Lhotka announces the alpha release of his CSLA 4 v4.3.0 application framework. The major feature for this release, in addition to the usual bugfixes, is some significant performance improvements to the MobileFormatter which supports serialisation on Silverlight and Windows Phone platforms.
  • NuGet Project Uncovered: Anna – Jason Jarrett continues his series of posts looking at interesting projects hosted on the NuGet Feed. This post gives a short introduction to Anna, a HTTP Server library based around the Reactive Extensions,


  • C#/.NET Little Pitfalls: Implicit Zero To Enum Conversion – James Michael Hare continues his ‘Little Pitfalls’ series with a look at how a constant zero value can be converted to result in the use of an overload of a function you might not expect
  • Modularity And Security In Composite JavaScript Apps – Derick Bailey discusses securing client side applications and preventing users from accessing functionality they are not allowed on the client by making clever use of the module pattern to control the functionality delivered to the client.
  • (Ab)Using Conventions To Enforce Good Practices – Davy Brion shares a neat trick using Fluent NHibernate conventions which will help force developers to specify the lengths of strings in the mapping ensuring optimal database performance.
  • 3. Pattern Matching – Be Explicit – Dorian Corompt continues this series looking at the various aspects of Functional Programming, in this post exploring the use of Pattern Matching, illustrating its use in F# and discussing some best practices for its use.
  • SqlBulkCopy for Generic List<T> (useful for Entity Framework & NHibernate) – Jarod Ferguson discusses the use of SQL Bulk Copy to provide a quick and efficient way of getting large volumes of data into SQL Server data tables
  • MVVM on MVC: HTML is not XAML – Jeremy Likness discusses the MVVM pattern, some of its benefits and explores how well it fits with HTML development using libraries like Knockout.js
  • Understanding SQL Azure Throttling and Implementing Retry Logic – Scott Klein discusses the throttling behaviour of SQL Azure and looks at how you should handle throttling and the retry capabilities you need to bake into your data access to account for it.
  • One reason why HTML5 gaming is limping along – Christian Heilmann discusses the disservice that the conversion of games from other platforms to HTML5 based implementations, discussing the disadvantages of this conversion approach rather than writing on the platform from the start, illustrating with discussions of the plight of Commodore 64 games in their later years.
  • Happy birthday Commodore 64 – Marcin Dembowski highlights the 30th birthday of the Commodore 64, the computer which started it all for me, and for many others I suspect.
  • The HTML5 History API and ASP.NET MVC – Dan Maharry shares an extract from the Manning book HTML5 for .NET Developers which discusses the use of the HTML5 History API.