• Json.NET – Download: Json.NET 4.0 Release 6 – The JSON.NET Team announce their latest release – 4.0 Release 6. This version adds line numbers to deserialization errors, additional BinaryReader/BinsaryWriter constructor overloads on BSON Readers / Writers, along with fixse for a number of issues.
  • Introducing Dragonfly – another .NET HTTP server – Louis DeJardin introduces a new .NET HTTP Server implementation which provides the OWIN functionality to allow it to act as an application host. The intention of this projects is to provide another reference implementation to validate OWIN and the Gate implementation.
  • dotTrace 5.0 Performance Early Access Program – Hadi Harari announces the openign of the Early Access Program for dotTrace version 5.0. This is an opportunity for you to get your hands on the latest pre-release version of dotTrace, and for you to help feedback on the product and assist the development team.


  • Inside the Concurrent Collections: ConcurrentQueue – Simon Cooper continues his series of posts looking at the internal implementations of the various Concurrent Collections introduced in .NET 4.0. This post explores the Concurrent Queue, looking first at the non-concurrent queue, and seeing how the concurrent one differs, before deriving some key concurrency principles from the implementation.
  • Advanced APM Consumption in Async Methods – Stephen Toub discusses how you are able to consume an existing Asynchronous Programming Model implementation without first wrapping it in a task, an advanced approach which reduces some of the overheads of the task wrapping approach.
  • NuGet Project Uncovered: PineCone & NuGet Project Uncovered: xizzle – Jason Jarrett highlights two NuGet packages as a part of his NuGet Project Uncovered series which aims to look at interesting and less well known projects which have recently been released as NuGet Packages.
  • Picking a domain for CQRS Journey RI – Grigori Melnik feeds back some of the initial findings and thinking following the Patterns and Practices CQRS questionnaire, discussing one of the key questions – what domain should the reference implementation cover.
  • Windows Azure and Cloud9 IDE at Node Summit – Glen Block highlights the work undertaken in getting Node.js running as a platform on Windows Azure and summarises the goings on at the NodeSummit, giving particular attention to the use of the Cloud9 web based IDE which can be used to develop and deploy Node.js based applications straight to Windows Azure, as demonstrated by Scott Guthrie.
  • Some Thoughts On Functional JavaScript – Derick Bailey shares some of his experiments writing Functional Style code in JavaScript, looking at how some of the key fundamental principles of Functional Programming can be implemented using JavaScript.
  • Resources for getting started with Backbone.js – Jarod Ferguson shares a great collection of resources about Bakbone.js which will help you go from zero to hero with this client side framework.
  • Get involved in Open Source today – How to contribute a patch to a GitHub hosted Open Source project like Code 52 – Scott Hanselman highlights the Code52 project which is aiming to develop a new application each week of the year, and with 3 interesting projects under their belt already is certainly one to watch. Scott discusses how you can get involved with open source projects like this by running through the process of submitting a patch to a project hosted on GitHub.
  • Add HTML5 Geolocation plus Bing Maps into ASP.NET MVC views – Rachel Appel discusses the use of the Bing Maps API in your ASP.NET MVC views, walking through the getting started and consuming some of the basic features of the API
  • "A Lap Around Windows Phone 7.5" webcast now available on-demand – Paul Laberge highlights the availability of the video recording of his ‘A Lap Around Windows Phone 7.5’ webcast from last week. This is 3 hours of content looking at how to build applications on the Windows Phone 7.5 platform, from idea to marketplace.
  • If I can build a phone app anyone can: Changing the keyboard and IsNumeric – Susan Ibach continues her Windows Phone Development series which is exploring some of the common questions which arise in Windows Phone development. This post looks at adding validation to inputs and controlling which mode the onscreen keyboard appears in.