• Anonymous types unify within an assembly, Part One – Eric Lippert fulfills an old promise to show an example of anonymous type unifying within an assembly in this new series of posts, showing how the C# specification allows for use of the same anonymous types in differnent locations are combined into a single type within an assembly.
  • Modifying Code with Project Roslyn – Jason Bock takes a look at using Project Roslyn to modify source code, looking at the removal of region elements from a code file, and integrating this with Visual Studio.
  • Using Async for File Access – Alan Berman takes a look at the use of the new Async / await functionality in C#5 to perform file access in a non-blocking way to help maintain responsiveness and improve the performance of your applications.
  • SOLID JavaScript: The Dependency Inversion Principle – Derek Greer completes his series of posts looking at applying the SOLID principles to JavaScript code, taking a look at Dependency Inversion in this post, looking at the theory behind dependency inversion and how it can be implemented in JavaScript.
  • Javascript and CSS Minifying/Bundling with the Microsoft.Web.Optimization Nuget package – Frédéric Harper takes a look at implementing compression and minification of JavaScript and CSS Resources using the Microsoft.Web.Optimization NuGet package
  • NuGet Project Uncovered: An Introduction to the Series – Jason Jarrett kicks off a new series of posts looking at some of the interesting packages which are being published via NuGet. This first post introduces the criteria used to select the packages which will feature in the series.
  • HTML5 And Internet Explorer: Modernizr To The Rescue! – Derick Bailey discusses the use of Modernizr to make your HTML 5 web applications work with older browsers by way of the shim implementations which patch the missing functionality into browsers, illustrating with a real world example of its use.
  • Please ship your next Windows Phone app with GZip: speed requests 50-80% – Jeff Wilcox highlights GZipWebClient library by Morten Nielsen which brings GZip Compression capabilities to your Windows Phone applications allowing them to retrieve compressed data and benefit from the performance improvements.
  • Mythical man month : 10 lines per developer day – Patrick Smacchia discusses the use of LoC (logical lines of code) to measure development performance, and how the actual numbers of lines of code we craft on average over the long term is surprisingly low, sharing example stats from his NDepend project to illustrate.
  • Skip Intro – CSS3 is the new Flash – Scott Hanselman looks back at the evolution of Flash and other browser plugins which supplement browser capabilities and takes a look to the future where angle brackets will likely rule the roost in these areas with HTML5 and CSS3 bringing a lot of the capabilities developers and users require.