• Boo-yah!!! Caliburn.Micro v1.3 RTW is Here – Rob Eisenberg announces the release of Caliburn.Micro v1.3, the latest release of this MVVM framework for Windows Phone 7 Mango, Silverlight 5 and WPF. This release also includes basic MVVM support for WinRT / Metro apps, improves the ViewModelLocator/ViewLocator implementation along with addressing issues from previous releases and improvements to the API.
  • IE10 Compat Inspector – The Internet Explorer Team announce the release of the IE10 Compat Inspector, a JavaScript based testing tool which will allow you to verify that your sites and applications will work correctly in IE10. The tool consists of a single JavaScript reference, which can be manually inserted into your pages or added via the use of Fiddler.


  • Modern Web Development – Part 2 – Shawn Wildermuth continues his series looking at the world of modern web development, taking a look at the structuring and architecture of your JavaScript in this second part in this series of 10 posts.
  • Introducing Microsoft Codename "Cloud Numerics" from SQL Azure Labs – Roger Jennings rounds up a collection of resources on the recently released Microsoft Codename ‘Cloud Numerics’ project for performing numerical calculations on a large scale using Windows Azure.
  • Visual Studio 11 ALM Advances – S.Somasegar wraps up the 5 post series on Visual Studio 11 he has been posting since the //Build conference with a look at the key Application Lifecycle Management features of Visual Studio 11
  • Rx – Exception Handling – Bnaya Eshet continues his series of posts looking at the reactive extensions, looking at how you should handle exceptions occurring when working with observable streams of events. Also well worth checking out the previous two posts from Bnaya where he took a look at async / await and error handling.
  • Mango Sample: a Secondary Tile in 5 Minutes – Jerry Nixon continues his series exploring the various features of Windows Phone 7 and the techniques for developing with them with a looking at the support for secondary tiles which allow you to present information to the user before they launch your application.
  • The flowchart of the IE rendering modes – Chun Liu shares a flowchart originally created by Henri Sivonen which explains how the browser gets into the various rendering modes based upon a variety of settings and page content.
  • Aggressive Inlining in the CLR 4.5 JIT – Sasha Goldshtein discusses the CLR JIT compiler’s inlining support, and highlights some new capabilities included in .NET 4.5
  • F#, WebSharper, JavaScript, HTML5, Mobile etc – Don Syme gives a catchup on the world of F# and the happenings over the Christmas break, including the releasing of WebSharper as open source, compilation of F# to JavaScript, and some of the recent Azure releases.
  • Speaking of Dev video resources… (with ‘State of .NET – The Road to Windows 8’ now available) – Greg Duncan highlights, a community site which aggregates recorded Usergroup presentations and materials. The site has a fantastic range of content covering all kinds of developer topics and is well worth checking out.
  • Await, SynchronizationContext, and Console Apps & Implementing a SynchronizationContext.SendAsync method – Stephen Toub discusses how async / await attempts to ‘bring you back to where you were’ with a look at some of the goings on under the covers of the framework in the form of the SynchronizationContext and TaskScheduler.


  • PacMan Kata – Phil Trelford highligjhts the first meeting of the F#unctional Londeners Meetup Group on Thursday 26th January at Skills Matter. The event will be a Code Kata event looking at the the PacMan kata.
  • NxtGenUG – Event – MicroORMs: Making data access – The Coventry NxtGEnUG welcome Ian Russel for a session on Micro ORMs on Monday 30th January. In the talk, Ian will explore the world of the MicroORM showing where they can be useful and how much functionality they provide with such little code and configuration.
  • Teched Europe 2012 Registration now open – Lee Stott highlights the opening of registrations for TechEd Europe, running from 26th – 29th June 2012 in Amsterdam. The Early Bird discount price of 1695 Euro runs until 31st March, after which the price rises to 1995 Euro.