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  • Announcing OData T4 for C#, Preview 1 – WCF Data Services Team Blog – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Ahmed Moustafa of the WCF Data Services Team announces the first preview release of OData T4 for C#, T4 Templating for Add Service Reference for OData Services. This release works alongside the October 2011 CTP release of WCF Data Services, and give you a preview and ability to feedback on this feature which will eventually be in the main product.
  • RaptorDB – The Key Value Store V2 – CodeProject® – Mehdi Gholam shares and discusses RaptorDB 2.0, a key value NoSQL database whcih makes use of MGIndex and MurMur2 Hashing. Full Code is available, alongside this detailed CodeProject article which discusses the implementation.
  • A framework for building of WP7 application – Ilya Builuk shares a detailed look at his PhoneCore library for implementing Windows Phone 7 applications. The library provides a framework for building applications including features for Navigation, Dependency Injection, Configuration, Tracing, and much more. Full source and binaries along with sample applications are available from CodePlex


  • Getting Started with Windows Azure – Scott Guthrie continues his discussions of the Windows Azure in this blog series, discussing the options to get you started with Azure including a look at the signup process and discussing the 3 month trial options.
  • C#, Async, Limits, oh my! – Peter Ritchie explores the limits of Async in C#, discussing how Async implements a state machine with integers representing the states, discussing how he generated 45GB C# Code file to probe the absolute limits.
  • Abusing the Microsoft Research’s Touch Mouse Sensor API SDK with a Console-based Heat-map – – Scott Hanselman discusses the Microsoft Touch Mouse and the recently released Touch Mouse Sensor API SDK from Microsoft Research, exploring the use of the API to read data from the mouse and visualising it, along with pondering the possibilities this could be put to work in.
  • PhoneGap now fully supports Windows Phone – Architects Rule! – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Bart Vande Ghinste highlights the level of completeness now offered by PhoneGap for targeting Windows Phone 7 devices, discussing the general coverage, and some of the plugins which enhance the integration with various aspects of the phone, along with highlighting a number of resources for learning more.
  • Mango Sample: Delete Dramatically – Jerry Nixon continues his Mango Windows Phone samples series with a look at the implementation of another ‘must have’ animation, exploring the removal od data from a list.
  • How Wikipedia uses HTML5 to save bandwidth – Jef Claes discusses how Wikipedia are making use of the HTML 5 support for SVG in browsers to render images such as flags and saving bandwidth along the way.


  • Into testing? Want to learn? Come to Testfest 2012 – Sara Allison higlights Testfest 2012, a 1 day event organised by the folks at Testing Stuff. The event isn’t going to be a traditional conference, with a mix of exhibit, discussions and a lack of Powerpoint silides. The event is on Wednesday 22nd February, at the Brighton Metropole, and tickets are priced very reasonably at £60.