• jQuery UI 1.8.17 – The jQuery UI Team announce the release of jQuery 1.8.17, the 17th maintenance release which includes fixes for a number of UI controls along with support for jQuery 1.7.1
  • BugAid – Enhanced C# Debugging tool (and free for non-commercial open source projects too) – Greg Duncan highlights BugAid, a set of tooling which enhances the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio, adding a bunch of great features. The BugAid team are also offering free licenses to those involved in Open Source development.
  • The ‘Cloud Numerics’ Programming and runtime execution model – The Cloud Numerics team announce their project to the world. Cloud Numerics is a programming framework for .NET which is geared towards performing distributed numerical calculations, using techniques and technology like map reduce, Windows Azure and Hadoop.
  • Kicking off StructureMap 3 – Jeremy D Miller shares his plans for the next major release of his StructureMap IoC project, outlining the changes and features he hopes to include


  • Eduasync part 18: Changes between the Async CTP and the Visual Studio 11 Preview – Jon Skeet continues his series looking at the Async coming in future versions of C# / .NET functionality, reviewing the differences in Async functionality between the Async CTP and the Visual Studio 11 preview release.
  • How to deploy Mono projects with Heroku – Ben Hall shows how he got .NET projects (such as Nancy) running under Mono up and running on the Heroku cloud hosting platform, walking through the process step by step.
  • Advanced Debugging in Visual Studio – Pankaj Chamria shares a number of debugging tips and tricks, many of which are less well known or understood in this CodeProject article.
  • Controlling Selection with CSS user-select – Sharon Newman of the Internet Explorer Team discusses their implementation of -ms-user-select a CSS property which allows web developers to control which areas of the page can have content selected, allowing you to refine the user experience for text selection.
  • Vendor Prefixes and JavaScript – Martin Beeby discusses the use of vendor prefixes in CSS, and discusses the concept behind them and how they are named when accessed through JavaScript.
  • Getting stated with Git and GitHub – Simone Chiaretta collects together a number of good resources to help you get up and running with distributed versioning using git and GitHub.
  • User Login done right – Jaco Pretorius takes a look at the humble login page, exploring implementations from FaceBook and Google looking at some of the differences in how they handle incorrect usernames, passwords and other user account behaviours such as lockout.
  • Tips for a YSlow “Grade A” website with ASP.NET MVC 4 – Harvey Kandola discusses the use of YSlow to identify performance problems on your website, looking at ho his team addressed the identified issues in a recently launched ASP.NET MVC 4 site.


  • "Unplugged" LIDNUG online talk with me on Monday (Jan 16th) – Scott Guthrie is giving another of his ‘unplugged’ talks for the LinkedIn .NET Usergroup (LIDNUG) on Monday 16th January between 10am and 11:30am PST. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Scott’s work at Microsoft, products and gives you a chance to ask him your questions.
  • XPMan XL3 – February 4th 2012 – XP Manchester, the eXtreme Programming group here in the North West of England are hosting their 3rd all day event on Saturday 4th February. The focus of this event is ‘release early, release often’, with a number of hands on sessions planned. The event is also looking for sponsors, so if you or your employer can help out get in touch with them.
  • XPManchester 12th January – Refactoring with James McDonald. – XP Manchester also have their first evening event of the year tonight (12th January) at Madlab, featuring James McDonald looking at using refactoring to improve a bad code base.